Gifs Of The Week #15

Another week, another gif selection, and, inevitably, I’m up for another hassle with the www. Scheming with the tags, the names of the actresses, and the pixel quality: my daily battle. Of course, since I’m aware everything is possible here below, in all imaginable shapes and sizes, I very seldom –i.e. almost never – give up. That said, I must admit I’m quite pissed off by this very uncool part of the stalking process.

A very fat dick for a very fat blowjob, poor little nipples, a lip service in focus, and a Chantilly cream wank is what came out of tumblr this week.


We only have one winner here. Vanilla Deville is managing fairly well with a prick in hand and whipped cream all over her breasts. Bruce Ventura sure pitches a hell of a tent here, but looking at all this Chantilly without getting to taste it must be frustrating, in my humble opinion.


A pussy is kind of like a Russian doll, those wooden figures that slot inside one another. Each pair of lips hides a new one, smaller, thinner, wetter.


I’m not sure stimulating the breasts by pulling at the nipples with mini-tongs and a chain is really pleasurable. A tit is a sensitive blossom you need to handle with care, please take note.


So cute with her gap teeth and her “I’m fed up with that couch, plus my back hurts” look, but maybe it would be wise to share her considerations with her significant other. How could he guess? He keeps staring at her back.


Rather than doing things decently and taking off his trunks properly, this gentleman endowed with a huge cock preferred to just open the tiny button in the middle and muck up the whole thing with various fluids. And as if it wasn’t enough, monsieur is petty: he tries to get revenge by being a smartass with his partner’s buccal orifice. That is nasty.

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