Gifs Of The Week #14

Today was a typical I-know-it’s-gonna-be-boring Day. After the gifs and the daily work — because, of course, weekend don’t mean there isn’t any —, given how dirty grey the sky looked the last time I ventured an eye out my dormer, and the lousy programming in the closest cinemas, I am most probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to phagocytose my couch, until I become one with it. In actual fact, it would take an enormous deal to have me deigning to lift my bootylicious today, and by enormous I mean something as very compelling as, say, a Nutella & sliced almonds crepe… for instance.

Coming back to our dear gifs, I scrolled with great care and preselected twelve. Then, I swallowed my down my tears and, with deep regret, I clicked on the little cross and let them drown in the backwaters of our future tumblr posts. This weeks winners are a white thong, a multi-fetish, a double P, and a fluffy weeny.


In a previous episode, I requested the immediate cessation of posts showing flour-wrapped girls. At that point, I didn’t know those mediocre quality pictures would morph into gif. The flour is moist, here, and looks like clay on the girl’s skin, but it could as well be damp plaster, which makes the trip even uglier. End up fossilized, butt-naked, in some gloomy kitchen? Nah, me-myself-and-I wouldn’t sign for that.


The real string string, the only piece of underwear I still do wonder the purpose of. Obviously the dude using it as if it was a butter wire doesn’t get it either.


An ass to ass is also a form of double penetration; let’s not forget that. I’m sure a dildo playing hide and seek between four rounded buttocks is the happiest object in the world.


Here is a gif lining up nice dance-special fetish tags while remaining quite OK (a majority of fetish gifs constitute an assault on visual respect, word). Ballet shoes – i.e. the most fascinating thing on Earth – a fishnet pantyhose and a body: here’s my golden ticket.


The guy managed an eighth grader double joke: erected plush ferret, and horrid hentai trunks. To be honest, I don’t think it’s nice to do this to ferrets and similar marsupials; I admit they have a phallic figure, but they remain utterly cute, in all cirCUMstances.

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