Samantha Rone: Those Eyes!

For as long as I can remember, I have always fallen in love of girls with cute faces. Ever since my early years, I more or less had a hidden fascination for Italian Madonna baroque’s portraits or classic, neo-classic and romantic’s scenes with goddesses and nymphets. On a more recent era’s side, I’ve loved looking at Mucha girl’s mysterious sensuality. I’ve enjoyed Klimt’s subtle women’s illumination and I adore the lustful attitude and erotic facial expression of Manara’s women. I must say, it is an idée fixe. To me, there’s something poetic, inebriant and erotic in the whole set of expressions that girls faces can offer. Of course, this fascination is touching any kind of visual medium and by extension, it leads me to seek for remarkable faces into the Porn and Erotic fields. Nowadays, as there’s a literal boobs and ass dictatorship all over the web, I’ve to admit it’s hard to find an original girl with a natural cute face and a heartbreaking glance.


I seek in Porn’s scenes these instants where you feel the desire and excitation arising through a girl’s facial expression. There’s nothing more attractive than pleasure on a girl’s face (I’m not talking about facial cumshots, you perv!). In a bodies’ mess interweave momentum, it gets appetizing when you see a girl huffing and puffing, her mouth half opened and her eyes lost in an invisible and unspeakable paradise. It is arousing when you can spot the heat wave invading it’s flesh, when you see she her blushing and you hear the intensification of her gasping pleasure’s groan. This is the beauty of the “fuck mechanics », this blessing moment of life where you feel you are reaching a paroxysm, just before the explosion that leads you to succumb on the spot. A romantic death in itself, perfectly named in French “petite mort” (« little death » in English). That is a pure pleasure’s substance you don’t see often in your random Porn.

La Petite Mort

 About #faces, I really like Beautiful Agony content, where you see head shots framing while the participant is having orgasm. It never shows what they use to reach the orgasm and it doesn’t reveal anything below the neck and upper chest. I think it’s a cool concept.

Recently I discovered a gem:


All I had was a an untitled gif and I didn’t know her name or anything about her. I was literally melting down for a freaking gif (weird) and I couldn’t get over these catchy eyes. Somehow, this angel’s face was appealing me to heaven. I dug on 4Chan and on Reddit r/PornID. A few links and pictures came to me but the most important thing was her name: Samantha Rone.

Excited like a Pirate discovering a big treasure, I wanted to know more about her. Therefore, I scrubbed the Internet for news, bio and videos. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on Samantha. She’s 19, from Las-Vegas, she worked as a hostess in a country dance-hall, she love ridding horses and she enjoys being lazy with her friends around a pool. She has a Twitter account and a recent Instagram profile. It looks like she started her career in late 2012 with Amateur Allure and she’s still shooting for them. She is also involved in some bondage shooting made by Holly Randal for

On the top of the cake, she recently shot with James Deen for X-Art, under the charming name of: Sammy. She’s one of these cutie rising star, with a big potential and some people already spotted it. We can only guess, it means more content to come! Happy us yay!


Samantha has a catchphrase coming from a Shakespeare sonnet: « The World’s Fresh Ornament« . I think it’s quite a good description of her. This freshness, this avidity, this adorable face, this aww cute voice, these perky boobs, this teen spirit; all mixed up with the lovely and evil innocence expressed in her intense glance. She could reap your soul! The way she looks at the camera when she’s in action is addictive and mind blowing. It’s like if she had enough and would like more at the same time. She’s a straight up heavenly being and her whole attitude makes me kind of febrile. Constantly starring at these wonder blue-grey eyes of her, I feel like I want to fuck her, cuddle and fuck her again; in a seamless loop.

Samantha Rone, I heart you.

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