Gifs Of The Week #13

Now that we have taken stock of 2013, time to turn toward the future. 2014 is here. I didn’t really make any resolutions for this commencing year, except to keep following my path through the Internet. I’ve been selecting gifs for more than six months now, and I intend on nurturing this column for a long time to come.

The transition to 2014 gave Internet a perfect pretext for delivering rather juicy gifs. So this week you’ll have to deal with a geisha, some acrobats, brazen teachers, and pizza.

When four guys tickle an obedient geisha with clitoral stimulators, it is bound to result in a massive orgasm. Looks just as powerful as a defibrillator shock, to be honest.

What is even worse than stumbling on a sentence at the line’s end while reading aloud, is when some moron sticks out his cock and just drops it between the pages. Hopefully, the paper will slice up the darn hose.

What could be nicer than studding your buxom boobs with tiny and colorful sugar balls, and surrender them to the first comer?  A smashing idea for friendly parties!


In my opinion, the chef was right adding a personal secret flavor, because that pizza obviously wasn’t complete. Tomatoes, cheese, ham, mushrooms: OK. But where are the olives? And where is the fucking egg, man? A pizza without an egg is as ludicrous and sad as a Sunday without a roasted chicken!

Strap on a dildo and use a fleshlight? I kind of see the inception of masturbation there. This said, I do notice she is wearing nice panties.

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