Sunny Lane: Glory to the Hole

I always wonder what my life would be like if it were a porn movie. For starters, I’d have much bigger boobs and would never wear panties, but surely enough I’d walk around in red stilettos all day. Most of all, every situation would be but a pretext to pleasure myself and come, or make others come. Like this morning, for example, when I went to the bathroom (yes sometimes I have to) and I noticed a hole in the wall.

Most people wouldn’t even have seen it, but I immediately did. Round and wide, exactly at mouth height. And I started fantasizing… if this were a porno I would have heard a noise in the room next door, and asked « Is there anyone here ? ». The only answer I would have had is to see something appear through the hole. A dick, obvisouly. And not a small one, no, a huge penis, fully erect, perfect and beautiful, only waiting to be touched or licked or sucked.

So of course, I would have done all that with great passion. I would have put all my heart in it, never even wondering whose sex it was, et really not caring at all, only thinking about my pleasure and my luck to have such a perfect cock in my mouth.

When I finally came to my senses, no dick was pointing at me. Highly disappointed, I thought about really looking inside to be sure, but then I remembered Camreon Diaz in « The Sweetest Thing » so I didn’t. Besides, I’d been locked in the bathroom daydreaming for ten minutes now, and maybe my collegues wanted me to let them sit here, and imagine themselves blowing a random guy like Sunny Lane in the video I selected for you today :

Video courtesy of Pornhub:


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