Kink: James Franco and Model Wanted

The Documentary:

Good news everyone! Presented during 2013 Sundance Festival,  » Kink »  the documentary will finally hit North American’s theaters this Summer (distributed by MPI Pictures).


The super-active and irresistible  James Franco (executive producer for this video), convinced the talented Christina Alexandra Voros to direct it. As you may know, BDSM is standing for Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism. It’s a wide niche that makes more and more apparitions in the classic Porn. We sense that the mainstream is directly inspired by its niches and tends to go further in the violence of the sexual act itself. We could illustrate this with he humiliation theme that is more than accepted now in main productions.

For the uninitiated, BDSM looks like a bunch of people loving leather, ropes, torture and finding pleasure in suffering whether its inflicted or underwent. For partisans it’s more a kind of aesthetic with the notion of power exchange and abandonment. An experimentation where they keep exploring the limits of their sexuality through the continuum relationship existing in between pain and pleasure. We hope the documentary will show some good behind the scene of and we think it could help to demystify a little bit more the BDSM world

Anyway, we are closely following the adventure of the Kink brand (especially via and we were glad that the documentary received positive feedback from critics when it was premiered at Sundance. We can’t wait to see it!

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No dates are announced for an European release yet. But we hope that the Sundance-Festival stamp’s popularity will bring the video very soon to the old continent.

Becoming a Kink Model:

Second good news everyone! Kink launched yesterday a video call for models. Gals and guys, if you are a enthusiast, if you are interested for live-caming from your cozy place or if you want to make a shooting in San Francisco at the Armory; you should check their Become a Model section.

Click to watch the video

Click to watch the video

Kink is running like any company. Therefore, if you enter in the Porn business and work for them, you will be paid.

As a Cam model, you receive a percentage of what you gather during your live show and you can apply from anywhere in the world.

For studio shootings, you need to be an U.S citizen. All studio rates are based on your experience and may vary depending on the content or website’s release (Kink has got 22+ websites):

Female Models
Female Models make $500 – $600 in a solo shoot.
Female Models make $500 – $800 as a top or bottom as a participant in a girl/girl shoot.
Female Models make $600 – $1300 as a top or bottom in a boy/girl shoot.
Female Models make $700 – $1100 as a bottom in a TS female/girl shoot.

Male Models
Male models make $500 as a bottom in a boy/TS female shoot.
Male models make $500 as a bottom in a boy/girl shoot.
Male models make $800+ as a top or bottom in a boy/boy shoot.
Male models make $200 – $400 as a top in a boy/girl shoot. Pay is highly dependent upon experience and performance in this category.

TS Female Models
TS Female models make $800 – $1200 as a top in a TS Female/boy shoot or a TS Female/girl shoot.

For a girl, you might have the best rate if you are dominated by a transsexual or a woman. If you are a dude, the boy on boy shot is a must. But it looks like the TS have the highest pay-rate, which confirms the actual popular trend of the third gender.

Before going wild, you might give a look to the following 101 video on Porn first steps, made by the APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee). It might give to any newbies in the industry, some simple and clever indications on: how to get in, future implications, safety, health-STI check, pay, contract, agencies and more…

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