Zoochosis: Bounce

Zoochosis is back with a new video called « Bounce« . Through his work, Patrick Scott is still exploring the effect of captivity on the human being and this time, the metaphoric prison is the working place. At one point, we all felt our shitty job was a little bit like jail, with your colleagues as inmates and your bosses as creepy guards. In Bounce, all look gloomy, dark, violent. There, within a tasteless cold meeting room, the hero got a serious dressing down by his supposed immediate superiors. In a slow motion action, the managers threaten our guy, they scream like angry animals, sputter on him and even mock him. They are flirting with hysteria and our poor hero is literally frightened. In this endless struggle, nothing can possibly help him to escape. But suddenly, through the background windows the sun is revealing some weightlessness girls in the air. Flying like birds bringing Spring and wearing light dresses, they innocently let us see their panties. Our protagonist, amazed by this delightful vision, sees a chance to make a sweet escape. He stands up, starts running and in a brawl pushes the managerial monsters around him to jump off the window. We leave you discovering the rest of the video with its charming and timeless Vivaldi soundtrack. Enjoy!

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMlheyiY0Hs#t=166′]


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