Bobbi Starr – Winter Squirting

The terrible news just came in. It might look like fall, but winter is indeed here, sad and lonely like a man crying in the street. For the sensitive souls, this most detestable season is like a never ending non-summer, a cowardly relinquishment, a 6-month long reverse spinning.

Desperate times call for desperate measures: debauchery, and make it juicy and dirty. Squirt in mouth, ass-to-mouth without batting an eyelid, vice at all levels, and Bobbi Starr, my star, my sweet, the bottomless pit of perversity a good thousand of Annette Schwartz couldn’t compete with. I’ve had this video in my stash for quite some time – was saving it for the rough times. The harbinger came a few minutes ago, and it’s called The House At Pooneil Corners, a gem in Jefferson Airplane’s discography – love and violence, apocalypse of the heart, the long filaments that streak the sky before nuclear winter sets in. When that shit runs in a loop, it means it’s time to throw in Bobbi Starr and her elastic body like a giant lifebuoy.

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Watching this video in four steps (Bobbi on her own checking her interior is as spick-and-span as it should be, Bobbi squirting like Seth Guex would die for, Bobbi coming back with the Viagra stimulated dick of some funny dude, and finally Bobbi cleaning up her foolish mess), I don’t know which way to turn… I think that the mere idea of her presence before my eyes is amply enough to have me going. But then the guy really has a darn codger look, so you need to detach yourself from the video, and imagine other things. Very fortunately, the director found it appropriate to cut off his head, and opt for both backlight and low-angle shot to better focus on the ultimate object of desire, She and her wicked gaze abolishing all barriers – the very essence of vice.

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