Twenty Years Already, Dunno What to Think

At 0’01 I felt naughty, at 0’02 fever kicked in, at 0’03 I was in dire straits, at 0’04, idolatrous. Can’t say the boss didn’t warn me: “A good fapper,” he murmured, “is something you scent by instinct.” It indeed didn’t take long before concupiscence took my nose by storm to validate this one. A simple hello, a single smile, and the sunny flavored neckline suffice to twitch my taciturn chakras. Deed is done, ite missa est: I know I’m going to have a hard time holding it for 11 minutes and 35.

A body’s perfection obeys no immutable rules, but some transcend rifts and tastes with a fanatic fury. I would probably never have come across this demoiselle if I had looked up by myself… too busy ferreting for my BBW sweethearts and their boundless breasts. But who said size mattered? I must thank Gonzo for entrusting her to me.

The miss is willowy like a sugary prune whose pulp sticks to your fingers when you pluck it. Her creamy breasts have the roundness of a moon we dream treading upon. Her eyes are sparkling, I swear, with a tantric kind of innocence reminding the best stripling high-school-corridor debaucheries. Nevermind her looking a little younger, her ID says she is 20. She is 20, already 20 years old, and she shows off her skills through the art of hickey.

« I think I like you », says the man who has the audacity to copulate with his pants still on, to lick her without taking his cap off. You bet… lucky dude. I’d like her too if I could get my hands on her. In fact, I already feel an incommensurable love for her, despite the cold screen cutting me off from her alabaster forehead. Give me the map to her G spot, and sure thing my erected supercock will lift up the world. The scattered moles that pigment her thighs I’d kiss, for hours, days, and even years if she asked me to, and replete I would be. Until I’d delicately come to rejoice in her mouth, just as shy as the dude with the cap… A nice shift away from the blood-and-thunder ejaculations.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this cute little urchin doesn’t sleep in my bed. While I’m waiting for her to step into my reality, I bought myself the same watch for my future faps, to try and delude the thing for lack of having the chance to get such a soft and warm first swallow soon.

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Best comment: This music….I constantly expected to hear Morgan Freeman`s voice because of it.

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