German Anal, Finger Heart

At Le Tag Parfait’s very source, a long, long time ago, lay an observation: as far as anal (only in french, ed)  was concerned, the Germans knew one thing or two we obviously didn’t, especially when it came to homemade. How many of you learned their language through YouPorn? And did you know that it was precisely when the German category appeared on the famed tube that the foundations of what was to become Le Tag Parfait were laid, around the table of some shady bistro? This is a true story, as true as the sensational POV that follows.

Booty is the golden totem of porn. Without it, one could even wonder if the whole industry wouldn’t have crumbled down already. Yet, however fascinating it remains, it isn’t always arousing. When it comes out of the blue, you don’t buy it. Too much performance, and it gets boring. Hardly discernible leaves you weary. But in the Anal Olympiads, it must be noted that Germany dominates the competition with its armies of precise, honest, sensitive and resolute amateurs. If further proof were needed, here is a simple six-minute video, that is the average FAP-in-good-taste duration (if you remove the 45 minutes spent searching beforehand). A girl, some kind of German or Hungarian with an adorable little tummy, impales herself without further ado on the nice and tight prick of a guy that was smart enough to position himself in a perfect axis with a mirror, camera in hand.

The scoundrel didn’t cheat: 6 minutes are all he needed to erect one of the three temples of Hera. Enough time to give anal all its aura back. No idea where this video comes from, so fap while you can.

Video courtesy of Pornhub:


Originally translated from this post by Ms. Alice

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