Lexi Belle: Penthouse Pet of the Year 2014

Oh Lexi! You made our tiny hearts going up and down this year.

After you announced you wanted to try a new life and you were retiring from the business last June, we were desperately seeking for news. We have been comprehensive, all things have an end and there are time in you life where you need to make a choice.

To be honest, at Le Tag Parfait we were worrying about you.

Meanwhile, on my side, a sick melancholy drove me looking to your old stuff and I even find myself watching in loop your funny-awwww-cute Seven Minutes in Heaven videos. But it created a wound in me, I had to leave you. From this point I lived a Porn-nomadic life, seeking for the perfect Pornstar. Restless, going from a girl to another in vain; I walked the line without resting. Crossing the desert wasn’t easy, but it made me think about the meaning of my private life. Then we saw your Twitter going back to a nearly Porn life. I was nervous, anxious and ultimately happy….


Nevertheless, we were still questioning ourselves. Is she back for real? Why do we still feel some pain? Do we still love her?
YES WE DO and we are not here today to complain about your roller-coaster life, we are here to congratulate you.

Well done Lexi, you kick-asses and you deserve your fresh title of Penthouse Pet of the Year 2014.  It’s a sort of consolation for us because it means we will see more of you in  2014 and that’s all we want.

You are made of dreams and we are still in love with you.


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