Russia: One-Hit Wonderland

We’ve been talking a lot about Russia these last weeks at Le Tag Parfait. Is it because of a pre-Sochi wave?  Or something about our natural good taste for caviar? We can’t say for sure, but mentally, awe nurture schizophrenic feelings about this country. I’m telling you, it’s bad omen!

Spoke was Russian!?

Spoke was Russian!?

On the first hand, we can’t approve the whole anti-LGBT laws bullshit emanating from Moscow. Nor the whole Pussy Riots or Greenpeace pirate stories (and many more crazy things)… You know, all the usual Gulag-ish and oligarchy crap.

But on the other hand, we love mother Russia and all the marvels she bequeathed to us: Kandinsky, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Ivan IV (The Terrible), Vodka skills, bear wrestling, frozen mammoths,  the hot Kamchatka peninsula, the deep Balalaika waters, the permafrosted Northern Siberia, the sublime Saint-Pertersbourg’s Hermitage Museum…

Nevertheless, what we do live about Russia is more or less all the unorthodox stuff (Is this really a surprise to you?). Especially the one-hit wonder Russian Girls. Empowered sexual empresses, flashing like exploding Soviet rockets in the skies. Sadly, they vanish forever once the red button is pushed. Every time, they smack down our fragile heart like a first love’s end. It’s hard, but they still nurture our dreams and hopes. Like the solitary wolves of the steppe, we hunt down those instantaneous video dream girls to survive. Avid and relentlessness, we are drifting like ghosts all over the dry and cold Internet lands, until we find a prey…knowing it will feed us only for a few days, because life is tough up there. Then, the hunt resumes… The basic cycle of life for a weirdo-perv Internet user.

Would it be easier if we went back to the USSR? What about learning the Cyrillic alphabet? Would become a heaven’s gate for us? Who cares!?

Today, le me introduce you to Lydia, Nadine and Oksana.

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The video is a bit long, but the model will blow your mind.
Lydia, are you for real?

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Nadine, gosh… What can we say? The bad boy silently sleeping inside of us all wants a piece of you.

[youtuber vimeo=’′]


Yeah, I know, dubstep again. But still, Oksana is a skinny gorgeous girl!


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