Rebeca Linares: Ding Dong Corrida

Madrid, Spain, land of my fantasies. A single word coming out of a Spanish girl’s mouth is all it takes for a tonfa to rise in my slim pants, and that woody won’t subdue outraged 99-percenters, oh no! Just spread the love and the holy seed, the semen that shall re-fertilize Europe. My only problem is I don’t understand Spanish, not a word, nothing, total void. That’s why, to my incompetent ears, every spoken sentence conveys crazy landscapes, insane poems where words that don’t exist rhyme together.

If you come up to me and speak Spanish, my ear instantly gets grafted with a clit; no matter if you’re insulting me, I’ll marry you. Truth. I wriggle like a Pringle, wag and quiver like a little fishy, click like a harbor porpoise, and yes it could look pathetic, but that’s my style, my little weakness, my Achilles’ heel. So when my eyes stumbled upon this video with Rebeca Linares and a chap jabbering three words to get into her panties, I went nuts. I got back to the hard fap of yesteryear, the one that got on my nerves so much I pounded my fists.

In 2006, Rebeca just started her career and hadn’t yet had the bad idea to pump up her cute little tits into a D cup, which stroke her off for good from the #latina card in 2010. There she is again, in this uncut Pornhub POV for the Twisted Vision series (the worst dealer at the time – just remember that scene with Crissy Moon). The kind of porn that can easily last you a week, according to your mood and want, going from teasing to anal cream-pie, and chucking you into a ding dong corrida.

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Rebeca Linares – Twisted Vision 5 brought to you by PornHub

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