Ortie: Jah+Dwam x Velvetnest

At le Tag Parfait we support the freedom of pleasure in all its forms and pegging doesn’t escape this golden rule.

In the common thoughts, pegging always come with a rough taste of domination and humiliation. Rare is the content showing to us it can be done in some sweet and casual ways too. Fortunately, Ortie (with photographer Remi Chapeaublanc) is giving us an interesting point of view in this nice video, created for the classy Velvetnest’s strap-on collection. Ortie is playing smartly around the confusion and the shifting of the roles in a couple through the pegging practice.

Nice photography, good framing and rhythm; we only regret that the video is not long enough to swing in a explicit Porn. But who knows it can open a way…

[youtuber vimeo=’http://vimeo.com/80401853#at=0′]

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