Nymphomaniac: NFSW Trailer

Here finally come the very NSFW Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac official trailer.
After the cool series of posters revealing to us the film stars O-faces and some enigmatic video sneak-peek “appetizers” done in a diary/novel style (with 5 chapters to date), we were waiting for more to see and we must say we are not disappointed.

Dark, wild, twisted, sexually graphic and violent; after 20 seconds of video you already know that Nymphomaniac looks very promising. We wonder where this epic 5.5 hours two-part erotic drama will lead us to, but we can already sense the smell of scandal in the air.

Well, Lars Von Trier and controversy: a classic duo innit?
Aim to be released on Christmas day in Denmark, the movie have no date announced for North America yet. Don’t we say patience is a virtue?

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