Kanye West: Bound2 Fuck Kim

Bound2 was the best song on the Kanye West average last album. But watching this music video makes me feel I want to run away. Away from my screen because it’s bad and away from my life because I need more freedom (with a hot woman and a motorcycle).

So you watched Ellen show (weird), you are now on the Kim Kardashian’s Youtube channel (boring). You want to see KIM and after 40 seconds you think: Animals + Love + Glow + Piano = Acceptable Bestiality. Followed by: So much money, so little ideas… Is cheap the new rich?
But the third reaction is more like: Ewwwwwwwwwwww lucky! Yeezus, these curves… Kim and Kanye, what a lovely couple.

Is this genius?

She asked me what I wished for on my wishlist
Have you ever asked your bitch for other bitches?

I never thought about it, because I respect my « bitch ». This is a good X-Mass call. Not genius.

Ridding unconventionally a motorcycle, Kanye and Kim are giving us a cool engine powered love-dance. In a slow shag-motion style, all is sexually suggested with a doubtful taste mixing some hipsterish pastel mood to old an school green-screen composting backdrop (with video stock). I think Kanye doesn’t give a shit, he’s flirting with the high skies of self-made fame and even his own poo is art. Could Kanye be a new Manzoni and create his own « Merda d’Artista » ? Well yes, buy a song of him on Itunes and it’s done. You own his shit now.

Will a topless Miss Kardashian save Bound2 video? The horrible truth is: NO!
Out of the fact it’s cheap, we are pretty disappointed seeing only nippleless jugs.

So I think it’s shit; don’t we say: If you want a thing done well, do it yourself?
What about my own Southwest Road-trip. Cruising America, I see myself on an ageless  Honda motocross wearing my hippie psychedelic shirt. I won’t forget my beloved white trash lumberjack jacket for the cold night in the desert. My eyes embracing the skies, driving on the freeway of  life, my soul will be hooked on a feeling dictating me to find ASAP the true definition of carnal knowledge.

Lucky Kanye says:  « I wanna fuck you hard on the sink« .
Note to Sir West: Gosh, so do us with your girl!

Like an easy rider cruising some arid landscape in a timelapse motion, I should be able to find a cheap hooker near a cheaper motel. An homemade blue screen in my backpack, with my 5D and my FCP-X ready to be used, I will do my Bound2 remake… No Kim Kardashian’s glory, but an STD as trophy. America, fuck yeah!

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_6I089_mrE#t=138′]

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