Fell In Love With Daisy

(Almost) as Jack White used to spit it in his mike: “Fell in love with a netvideogirl, I fell in love once and almost completely”. For a good million years (10 years in Internet time), the porn-soldier behind NetVideoGirls has been shooting girls who fly down on porn as a butterfly would land on your shoulder, wink, and set off again towards new adventures. Next-door neighbors playing the game of the fake calendar, a little shy, a little pro, far too real to be true. The best faps also happen through an aging camera lens, a classic can’t fade with the weight of the years; gear doesn’t matter when you’ve got a subject that, by its very nature, enhances arousal.

Daisy is American, Daisy is beautiful, Daisy has the fire of lunacy burning in her eyes when lust creeps up her spine. Tension all over, you could almost touch her and turn her into body armor. It’s not the essence of good porn playing before your eyes anymore, but the essence of a good fuck. Tight, feverous, organic, with a wicked finish that makes you hit the table hard and yell: “Holy shit!”

There are some porn videos you play in fast-forward motion – the ones having only a practical, hygienic purpose –, and others you relish every minute of, from the first to the forty-fifth. Fappers aren’t misguided: almost three million views for Daisy’s audition, uploaded by the boss himself on his official Pornhub channel, and hundreds of comments, each more impressed than the last. Once again, NetVideoGirls hits the jackpot: POV making you want to rush into porn, and go sublime.

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netvideogirls – Daisy Calendar Audition brought to you by PornHub

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