XConfessions – Erika Lust, Feminist Porn

At Le Tag Parfait, we are secretly in love with Erika Lust. With XConfessions, she’s showing the world how you can elegantly drive through your own Porn-road and avoid the struggled mainstream XXX traffic jam. Fully creative, every month she’s delivering us a short movie inspired by the sexual stories people are confessing within XConfessions. It’s a fresh, interesting and bonerific view on the Pornscape, that she describes as Feminist Porn.

Are we finally touching a more natural approach to Porn, out of the clichés? Will a real “Adult Cinema”, meaningful to anyone, emerge from this new aesthetic / ethic?  We tend to think so.

Also, we think it worth getting the free registration to her website. A simple email gives you access to some free videos and you can even confess  a story if you feel like doing it. Give a try to « I can’t stop this affair » and you will see the director’s talent of Erika in action. It’s simply well done; the framing, the editing and the whole storytelling is giving you the impression you are not watching random Porn. You can even feel a real string of emotion and sincerity in the actor’s play; kinda touching. Plus, there is a decent bunch of videos to come soon with suggesting titles such as “I pegged my boyfriend” or “A blow-job is always a great last-minute gift idea”. Appetizing, isn’t it?

For now, check this freebie called “Obsessed”

[youtuber vimeo=’http://vimeo.com/78621964′]

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