Tory Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes

Welcome! Just as I arrived on Pornhub, I found myself faced with the monstrous number of new videos posted while I was away. Too weary in advance to let chance lead my way, and suffering from a persistent charley horse, I just typed “anal POV”. Result: Tory Lane In Nice Anal POV, 990k views, 93% green thumbs – a promising score.

A Fap Parfait (a perfect fap) is something you work out right away, as the sleuths of Le Tag Parfait well know. It’s something you can feel, like a skilled fisherman understanding when it’s going to bite, and when he will have to settle for watching his pole flutter in the wind. From the first few seconds of that video, you are on the right track: a jaded male voice POV, a girl knowing how to put on reality (and not an act), and a little story begins.

The unbelievable story of a guy coming to a deserted office to get a French manicure from a girl with insane boobs. What follows won’t surprise you. She warms him up properly, and off we go for 15 minutes of porn. I could have stopped there, and decided that all « anal pov » tags are the same, but that’s false: the equation is more delicate than that.

First of all, you need a video that is online – how could you stumble upon it otherwise? Then you want a situation that doesn’t happen every day, but does work, and the secret key being the absence of performance. Roughly, it needs to put the acting aside and speak out (show off) sincerely. A long teasing that glues you to your seat (it usually takes up 40% of the video time), a few lousy tags, just to spice up the scene (big boobs, deep throat, anal), and the rest is nothing but a brand-new highway, all cleared out for our turgescent pricks.

This video once again comes from the Golden Age of cocaine-addicted POV, that is the blessed times of Red Light District’s Twisted Vision, which continues feeding vice to our solitary lives, those wonderful years of the mid-2000’s when porn was still alive.

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