Japan – The Shape of the Fap to Come

If masturbation can make you blind or deaf, Japanese might have find the solution to avoid any potential risk in the tricky art of  touching yourself. Today, your virtual dreams may come true with a new devicepresented at the Occulus Game Jam and called VR Tenga.

Gents, welcome to the future of Fap!

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLXVinyXjgA’]

All you need is a pretty expensive set of gears composed of:

Occulus Rift -3D Virtual glasses
Novint Falcon  – 3D touch controller
Tenga DeepTHROAT –  fancy-designed Fleshlight

So now, you lazy bastards, can have an old-fashioned done by a robot. You can be the hero of your own Hentai movie by fucking a robotic arm device with a weird Fleshlight at the end. The whole thing is linked to the motion of a Kawai virtual character pumping your wiener and you can enjoy the view with your massive 3D glasses; total immersion… Perfect for your lonely nights!

When you will have finish to kill people on Call Of Duty with your high-end 3D glasses and 3D touch controller, you will have the possibility to relax your balls and release the stress with your VR Tenga. You’ll have at this point the biggest Nerd SWAG ever, YAY! Isn’t it GREAT?

I’ve always dreamed being in a personal intercourse with Bulma and Sailor Uranus. Thank you Japan.

Few questions:

We can wonder if one day this kind of device will be linked to a whole interactive Porn flick? Or a Sexcam session ?
Will there be a version for girls too ? So we can link two devices and enhance our long distance relationship, or virtually fuck with a stranger (is this cheating?)
Will the lube be included?

But the most important: What will we do now with our hands?

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDyFxYeJH4w’]


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