Four Chambers – Treats

Kiff, Blath and Vex are candies. Four Chambers knows it and after the moist Exchange they strike again with an intriguing slobbery new video.

For the last week’s Halloween, we can guess our three girls did choose the treats over the tricks. That’s why they are licking with avidity this giant heart-shape red lollipop and some other reddish sweets. Are they in a sugar rush? We don’t know. Never mind, they are not selfish and they kindly share the sweets (while being half naked of course). Their tongues are crossing and the mixed saliva is melting the delicacies into a red sticky liquid. They kiss together, lick each other and tenderly swap this red nectar in a sexy drooling that overflows on their bodies. The liquid-orgy finishes down to the panties and unfortunately leaves some stains over there (bad girls!).  To us, it looks like periods. But strangely, somehow, it seems to be finger licking good.

Confused we continue to watch the video, seeing numerous nipples, asses and even spotting a nice lollipop spank… but it doesn’t matter. We have only one thing in mind, one question is popping and surrounds the rest: Bloody hell, do menses taste like sweets? We have no clue, we want to know… women are such a mystery. Well, so much the worse: someone will be designated to test it. This guy shall try sperm too. Who knows, it perhaps tastes like cupcake glaze!?

We love lesbians. We love drooling. Four Chambers we want more!

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