RR Marquez: PAWG In Your Face

RR Marquez is a motorcycle big engine’s lover and a big booty fan. Two passions he has united under the watchful eye of a Youtube channel.

Girls and Big Engine, well… It’s kinda already done no? But it happens that RR Marquez is also an handful dude, so he attached a GoPro on the backside of a sport motorcycle while a curvalicious girl is riding it. It’s quite a douchy/fratboy praise to PAWG – PHAT Ass White Girl (PHAT stands for Pretty Hot And Tempting). But we admit that out of the douche feeling, Tammy, Sonia, Marie and Jackie are a callipygian pictorial definition on their own. These heart shaped booty girls are bravely ridding some fast and furious motorized beast, wheeling and cruising in all weather and road conditions. Wearing jeans, leggings or mini-short, it’s a true butts on parade hymn. I wish I was a motorcycle seat.

You look at it and the first reaction is: Am I watching crap DVD-rip of a German car-tuning magazine?  Then you kindly forget about it, litteraly hypnotized by these moving jiggly bubble butts. Every single acceleration, braking or bump on the road is creating a captivating motion. Surprisingly you find yourself watching the whole video, seeking for any tiny vibration. Booty is life, real people know it all. Innit RR Marquez? In two month his Youtube’s channel has already three thousand subscribers and it appears (from his tweets) that he’s doing some videos on demand as well. We should request one before someone tells him about Clips4Sale. It’s time to leave you here with our little crush: Tammy…  and some other chicas.

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iEYbfljR9s’]

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyeTReBp11M’]

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q09Ye-d8G9E’]


Originally translated from this post by Duff

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