FAIL LAB Episode 8: Testicles

Patrick Scott is back on the track with FAIL LAB, a fresh series belonging to his Zoochosis project . The main idea is to reveal the hidden science behind the Youtube’s virals. Presented by Crystal Dilworth and fellow experts, FAIL LAB has now a few episodes available, but it’s the eighth one that caught our attention as it was offering to us no more, no less than a huge pair of balls on our Facebook timeline. We say: BALLER!

Hey Zuckerberg what are you waiting for? Isn’t your website’s censorship drastic normally on even the tiniest nipple slip eh? Come on those are massive balls here!

The episode is dedicated to our little gems, so sensitive and so sweet. Why a single misplaced hit makes us entering instantly in a world of pain? What is the regulatory body function of the testicles? And how a big pain appears to be a big win at the end?

Sensitive balls, forbear. CBT lovers turn up the volume.

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Originally translated from this post by Duff

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