Jackson and His Computerband: G.I. Jane (Fill Me Up)

A splendid animation created by Mrzyk & Moriceau for the “G.I.Jane” song of Jackson and His Computerband.

The famous graphic designer duo is delivering us for years now a very special surrealistic world, pretty sexual and always tinted of humor. We can remember the music videos they’ve already done for Air ou Sébastien Tellier but we suggest you to check out the work they are doing in short animations and drawing. Yes, we like them. Plus we admit that their last creation for Jackson and His Computerband is fucking cool.

G.I.Jane, this disco-pop dancing opus sounding like a fake Phoenix, is illustrated by a beautiful animation throwing you directly into a very stylized and bizarre-erotic-gore universe (directly influenced by Japanese Manga). It’s simple, fluid and a little bit salacious. It looks like a cool pro-feminism X version of a Mashup done from Space Pirate Captain Harlock / Cowboy Bebop / Vision Escaflowne / Hokuto no Ken. A big mess for a great result.

We are watching the fight of a woman harassed by a myriad of morph-phallus popping up from everywhere. Our brave faceless girl, in her struggle against penises, is shamelessly exploding, cutting, splitting and eviscerating them all; with a whacked load of heels kicks and lethal slicing slaps. This is a Kick Ass Girl! It is a great psyche, naughty and attractive video populated of sexual chimeras and other various visual metaphors of the privates body zones. We must say, the penis-sharks are top notch.

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