Gifs Of the Week #2

I succumbed to the trap of autumn and its oh-too-clement-to-last temperatures. That’s why I ended up scrolling gifs undercover, literally, with a tissue box that began to empty dangerously. Now I know my cute little muzzle shelters a very substantial amount of mucus desperately wanting to see the light. Fortunately, I only needed to stretch out my index, E.T. style, to receive this week’s gifs. So here is, between two yawners, a quite eclectic selection: ebony, a fake mirror gif, dairy products, and boobs even cuter than kittens. A nice program that sent lots of gentleness in my swollen eyes, and I hope they will delight yours too.


So here we are in the presence of a buff gal indulging in a session of clit-rubbing with her pillow. The erotic charge of this polymorphous object is too often overlooked in favor of its more sophisticated stooge, the sex-toy. Therefore this little return to the source won’t hurt anybody.

madison scott mouth

They say you need to eat 5 types of fruit and vegetables a day to stay fit. Well, some should be inspired by this gif for their advertising campaigns about dairy products, because the number I’m supposed to take keeps escaping me.


When you have a bad hair day and it really pisses you off, you should let the world know. Sticking your middle finger out of your inner self will be understood by the entire planet as: “Don’t fuck with me today!” Double benefit, peace guaranteed.


That gif is trying to tinker around the margins of formporn fantasy, without really achieving it. It unfortunately isn’t a double-vagina and four-legged creature pushing a dildo in, but two chicks facing one another. Still, there is some sort of tasty symmetry and #twins touch. A nod is as good as a wink.


This has been showing up a lot on tumblr these last days; so we’re just going to pretend we don’t have the slightest idea who these boobs belong to. This tit-necking is so cute it knocks out that ejaculating dick gif. No mercy to weenies, the law of reblogs is uncompromising.

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