A Sextoy into Space > Sandra Bullock

Someone named « SpaceGuy » had the fabulous idea to send the first ever Sextoy in the space. Unless the NASA is hiding us some information on how they are curing the loneliness of the Asstronauts during their journey in the space (Wikileaks, please tell us!)

SpaceGuy simply attached a glorious black dildo to a structure with a weather balloon and let it go hitching the limits of the skies until the GoPro went out of battery (spoiler!)

For us this proud Sextoy is clearly doing a better actor’s interpretation in his space odyssey than Sandra Bullock in the recent Gravity. I mean this video would deserve as much as Alfonso Cuarón’s movie an Oscar.

Look at this fierce black piece, flying majestically, vanquishing the gravity and standing up straight where no one can hear you. It is six minutes of pure unbearable tension.

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abwIxwwRHKQ’]

I wonder if anyone used it after the space trip.

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« One small step for man, one giant boner for mankind »

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« I love the internet »

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