Gifs Of the Week #1

Resumption chucked me into bed for the whole weekend. I’ll keep a fond memory of my pilgrimage to the last Tag Parfait Fap Club party, where Peter & Steven slipped in a few gifs that could easily have been given the pride of place in this column.

The Fap Club. Thanks @oliviertesquet

Le Fap Club – Paris. Thanks @oliviertesquet

I dug Internet to find this week’s selection, and discovered some “trash” tags. Gifs so shoddy I don’t want to hear about them ever again. As far as topics are concerned, they basically focus on extreme BDSM, a practice all retinas aren’t necessarily delighted by. My week’s favorites are those with the ball and the locker room amongst buddies.


The ball is the new darling of the girls avoiding intense workout, aka yoga/pilates enthusiasts. For having tested it, the ball only has a limited sports potential, but this gif displays all its potential for good old “bedroom sports”.


Remember gym class in Junior High? You had to come up with a “choreography” including a somersault, because it was the only figure everybody mastered, more or less. The real challenge, though – reserved for the most supple among you –, is to make it start with a bondage session, hands and feet tied.


Male friendship reaches its peak under the shower. No violence, no hazing, just nice and plain cock-sucking. Fair-enough atmosphere, cute messing around, laughing, pats on the back, anyhow they’ll switch places, and it’s almost time for the dark-haired guy on the left.


Two fellatio teams with two different approaches regarding lubrication: those who let the saliva come naturally for a continuous moisture, and those who like to guarantee a first-rate slide. The young lady here above thus decided to engulf the dick in fluids.


This is a gif I found in a “catch-all” tag like #bondage or #kink. Some good genie gives a sneak look at a new form of rim-job adding a touch of booty bouncing. Please note how hard it is to keep up the rhythm between two tongue-flicking attempts.

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