Form Porn: Abstract Bodyscapes

Within the endless pictorial dump that is Tumblr, most of the time you burn your eyes (and your life) on useless streams of stuff that fluctuate in between shit and crap. But time to time, you fall on some special content that is weird enough to appeal your curiosity and makes your scrolling febrile like a first-timer.

Well, Formporn is one of them. Mixing shamelessly Porn and arty visual abstraction, it gives us some surprising contemplative bodyscapes.


Where is my mind?

You can discover a whole world of mirrored flesh’s chimeras and upside-down symmetrical porn-monsters with numerous boobs, legs and various holes.
Nothing to fap on unless you are some messy Hipster weirdo that enjoy only underground arty fresh content. That’s ok, we all have different taste.

Got legs!

Got legs!

Here, there is no aesthetical compromise and nearly everything looks like its coming straight from your last acids flashback. Yeah, the one that knocked your mind’s door while you were randomly looking at some old-school Playboy’s centerfold in front of a Chris Cunningham’s music video. Drooling on your seat and starring blankly, you were living in a Troma production Z-movie, desperately trying to understand what parts of bodies were moving in front of you…

As you can see it can be pretty disturbing:

well ...

« Finding form through Porn »

Well, nevermind I fink it’s freeky and I like it a lot.

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