Mr Man, Naked Male Celebrities

Mr Skin, the most popular website of naked celebrities, just launched Mr Man, a male version with heaps of dudes with junks wild free. Mr Man promises kilometers of cocks on films with a monthly membership. If you don’t subscribe then you will only watch pecs and six packs shaped. That’s it.

All the actors are well classified and tagged. A short resume is describing each of them. Better than IMDB. Penis, balls, butthole, shirtless, we know everything about every nude appearance in movies. Well, David Boreanaz showed his private in These Girls in 2005, good to know. What about Viggo Mortensen, can we see his butthole somewhere… Yes, in Eastern Promises. Awesome! And there is two clips to prove it. I’m that close to spend my 12 dollars per 12 months.

With 11 million visitors per month, Mr Skin, where you can find all nude celebrities of the creation, is trying to reach his audience a little step higher. Jim McBride, the boss, has his own way to make people spend their money. Phoebe Cates clip is a true example of frustration. Watch it! It should be illegal to do that to honest fappers. Anyway, McBride hasn’t finished to fill his servers with célébrités nues, like we say in France.

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