The Cream Of the Male

Les fleurs du mâle (punned after the book by Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil, and the consonance between mâle, male, and mal, evil) is the masculine response to the gorgeous and naked chicks’ tumblrs that flourish on our timelines. Same style, same editorial policy: polished pictures, natural and spontaneous, moving, sexy, nice butts… Only pecs and pricks stand in for tits and pussies. A skillful sleuth, I tracked down the creator of this little wonder to try and reach him/her, in vain, since he/she seems to cherish anonymity. So I considered preferable not to insist too much, but kept my fingers crossed hoping he/she would contact us. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you our work at Le Tag is greatly appreciated.

“Boys, for me, are a world to discover. I can’t get enough of them”

This is the sentence captioning the tumblr’s title. Its real strong point is it avoids the trap of heterosexism or gay-friendly codes – you can wander from one to the other. Beautiful, funny and delicious, the Fleurs du mâle selection touches the right spot, the sensitive one. You don’t only come across buffed-up Apollos, #belly-lovers also have their share. Nothing but men and gentleness. A tumblr where Internet’s irony is left at the door, where fragility regains its nobility status.









Many more hunks and good-looking cocks on Les Fleurs du mâle

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