September 2013: Audrey



Lille (France)

What was your first erotic memory?
Encrypted porn movies on french cable network, Canal+. There was something really exciting in the pixelated look of the images and in the altered sounds.

What was your first pornographic movie?
I was around eleven and it was a VHS tape hidden in my stepfather’s library ! I don’t remember the title, but I remember being much more interested and surprised with the plot than with the porn sequences themselves.

What is the most sexual traditionnal movie you saw recently?
Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. Disney Princesses fisting on-screen would have been fun! I felt in love with this movie, especially the scene where James Franco is forced by the heroines to suck the gun. It’s also very sexual when he’s performing a piano cover of Britney Spear’s song Everytime.

What is your porn consumption like?
I don’t watch a lot of porn, but I’m really selective. From time to time I have needs to watch some of it. I like, a website where most of the actors aren’t professionals: this is where I find more unconventionnal stuff. There’s Courtney Trouble’s work. I like modified bodies in general, but you don’t see much of them in traditionnal porn.

What are your tags?
I read Le Tag Parfait, but strange to say, when i’m searching for videos, I don’t use tags. I’m more interested in the actresse such as Sasha Grey, Stoya, Ovidie, Judy Minx!

Your ideal porn?
Fist-fucking with Peaches. It can seem hardcore while I’m extremly shy and sensitive.

Twenty years from now, how will…
Right now we’re in a gonzo trend. In twenty years, we’ll maybe go back to real scenario movies…well, I hope so.

How about technological innovations?
I can’t picture myself watching 3D videos. It gives me headaches! And it would be too aggressive in comparison to the kind of porn I like.

Do you like Made in France Porn?
There are excellent directors. I’m thinking about Ovidie’s Orgy in Black. I’ve also met people like HPG and it changed the way I see things. I was interested in his work but after meeting him I’m not anymore.

How did you discover Le Tag Parfait?
I exchange a lot of porn links and pictures with a friend of mine. Le Tag Parfait was regular in our exchanges, so I got into it. I love the idea of talking about porno as a culture on its own. Until then, almost nobody did that.

Why do you want to be a Parfaite?
It’s a challenge. And I don’t know if this answer has already been given, but… being perfect is cool in a way.

Photo by Valentin Le Cron

Thanks Joséphine for your hospitality

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