Worst Orgasms Ever!

It’s always the same ritual, every monday I get to the office with a smile all over my face and say in a nervous laugh : « The new eFukt video is so great! ». The boss suddenly hides himself under his desk and refuses to watch it. This sensitive boy, with his tuft of curly hair, has an issue with eFukt, it makes him feel highly uncomfortable. However, I know that he’s very curious and he always ends up watching it through his fingers, with his mouth wide open like a dead grouper, letting out a cry of pain.

In this new episode of pure porn horror, eFukt offers the promising « 100 most brutal orgasms of all time » to us. As usual, we find a very relevant description, underlining the fact that a guy jerks off so hard that he came blood. If you want to see guys ejaculating as if they were shot in the belly by an uzi burst, click on the following picture, call your coworkers, your friends and family members and enjoy 3 minutes of madness


Click me!

We couldn’t resist to add this little extract of our fellow countryman Pierrot, in his Budapest adventures : humiliation, dirty talk and an orgasm as brutal as a Caravelle taking off.

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