July 2013: Mary



Lyon (France)

First porno you watched?
I was 13 at the time; I came across something filthy on TV, a hairy 80’s porno. I didn’t understand why guys of my age could enjoy watching such stuff, I thought it was particularly repulsive.

What about the last one you saw?
An amateur video of a couple doing doggystyle exclusively, without any foreplay. The poor girl had a really hard time.

And the last one that stayed in your memory?
A video of James Deen and Stoya. Stoya was dressed as a bitch (in the literal senses, a female dog), lying in a basket with a leash around her neck. James made her drink milk from a dish (this scene is taken from Bad Girls 7 by Digital Playground – the author). It was rather original and fresh, enough with classic scripts. And like everybody else, I think James Deen and Stoya go really well together, therefore it’s enjoyable to watch them.

How do you watch porn?
Redtube usually. I’m not able to stand the sight of Yourporn’s girly colors.

Your favorite actress?
Tori Black. She’s so pretty. She fears nothing and know how to personify different roles. I’ve heard that she was always faking it but I didn’t notice it. Too bad she retired, we will miss her for sure!

Who’s the actor who could take up your lunch break?
There’s two of them : Dale Cooper and Christian Wilde. They’re so sexy, unfortunately they are both gay… It’s incredible to see so many good looking guys you can find in gay porn whereas the situation is definitely not the same in heterosexual porn! In “regular” porn, one makes you believe that girls are capable of having sex with anyone/anything as long as it has a cock. It’s wrong, alright.

Your cutest tag?
Schoolgirl. Because of those falsely shy girls with big white socks. However, some actresses are not very convincing with their tattoos and fake boobs, they look like they are 25 and older. I like it when they keep this innocent side, it’s so sweet.

Your wildest tag?
BBC : Big Black Cock. Sometimes I type this keyword, I’m totally fascinated by those actresses, seemingly unaware of the risk they are taking while playing with cocks which are bigger than their forearms.

If you were to play in a porno, what would be your part?
The teen with pigtails who doesn’t know shit about sex, a noob who learns things with her malicious babysitter in a pink and blue bedroom.

Do you think that your generation is more exhibitionist (on the internet) than mine (fossils, born in the 80’s)?
I think my generation is at ease with itself, our first goal is to be comfortable with ourselves, unlike you old fossils. There’s no place for frustration or denial, we live with our desires. We have no taboo, we can talk about our lives on facebook or twitter, post naked pictures on tumblr… I can see more and more girls shooting naked pictures that end up on internet. We are clearly more exhibitionist than our eldest. It’s a release, we want to expose ourselves, without fear, to show that we are free. There will always be bitches to judge us but I think they’re just jealous of our freedom.

Your musical top 3 for a porn score?
AlunaGeorge – You know you like it
Got an Attitude – DJ T. vs Sergej Gorn
Mmmmm – Lindsay Lowend

Why do you want to become a Parfaite?
For the aforementioned reasons, otherwise to seduce you Gonzo!

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