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Metro Zu: « That gel inspired all my music »

Metro Zu is one of the rap group representative of that new era coming from Miami, that all sweaty, booty, spiritual and vibing sex music. Recently, they travelled across our very own Europe on a journey in search of spiritual elevation, purple euro bills, soft pink matter and Mew. What came out as result of […]

Nice Porn For Nice People: Gay Sex on Mars

Avid reader of Big Shoe Diaries, gay porn actor with brains Colby Keller’s blog, I recently came across this photo featuring his famous kokigami hugging the hard cock of Grim Outlook, 30, one of the two actors in Liverpool-based Studio Adrianus upcoming gay porn film project, Gay Sex on Mars. I’ve always been interested in […]

Worst Orgasms Ever!

It’s always the same ritual, every monday I get to the office with a smile all over my face and say in a nervous laugh : « The new eFukt video is so great! ». The boss suddenly hides himself under his desk and refuses to watch it. This sensitive boy, with his tuft of curly hair, has […]

July 2013: Mary

Born: 1991 City: Lyon (France) First porno you watched? I was 13 at the time; I came across something filthy on TV, a hairy 80’s porno. I didn’t understand why guys of my age could enjoy watching such stuff, I thought it was particularly repulsive. What about the last one you saw? An amateur video […]