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Today, a male GoneWilder, because not only women expose themselves and men are able to knock us off. As a proof, here is Dishsoapbath. I’ve caught him on Ladybonersgw subreddit, with his sea-blue coloured eyes, his hair I feel like stroking, and his ass I would like to munch. The boy hypnotizes me, when he stares at the lens, I imagine that he looks at me, I enter into an ecstatic trance and I start to dance naked and languorously in front of my laptop.



Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Thomas, I’m 22 years old. I’m from Oregon, I’m a part time student/full time employee.

How have you discovered GoneWild? Do you look at the other Gonewilder’s posts?
I’m not really sure when I first heard of GW but I briefly browsed it, and I occasionally look at it now.


Ass <3

Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?
I used to worry about being recognized, but then I said fuck it, there’s no real down side to it. So you saw me naked on the internet? It would probably make whoever saw it realize that I’m a sexual person. I am actually really not an outgoing person, I’ve only had 2 girlfriends and those are the only two women I’ve been with.

Has GoneWild changed something into your sex life? What does your girlfriend think about it?
Has it changed my sex life? I’d say it has given me confidence that I didn’t have before. I’ve been noticing how many women are actually flirting with me. It’s probably been happening my whole life but I was awkward and didn’t know. Women have been practically clawing at me lately and i currently don’t have a girlfriend.

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Hello you

What was your first contact with porn?
My first experience with porn was something called « naked news » I was in 6th grade and saw something about it on the news and the concept really turned me on. Women taking off their clothes slowly… So when I could finally get the privacy at the public computer I looked it up. No regrets.

What’s your perfect tag when you’re watching porn?
#bikinis. Total fetish for a woman in a bikini.

Down on my knees

Down on my knees

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