James Deen, the White Knight of Vine

Zafinho told you about it a short time ago : Vine has found itself a playfellow – namely, porn. Vine becomes like Twitter, where the libertine world of exhib invaded slowly our timelines, enjoying freedom of speech without being punished by this little rascal of Zuckerberg. Porn stars have naturally begun to use this new tool, adding another string to their social networking bow. One problem though: if you use Vine as Instagram, you’re pretty sure to screw up, transforming your account into an endless succession of boring to death videos.

It ain’t that simple to be creative without the proper filter to hide the sad reality. For the time being, all we’ve got was some rare Vines of pussies and booties and lots of 6-seconds videos of parties, dogs, cats, nothing, feet and food – no one to raise the bar except sometimes Skin Diamond when lost on the Armory. But a few days ago, the savior of Vine has come on his white horse: James Deen (@JamesDeen).

Even if his first appearance was quite timid:

He quickly got up a gear with this promising video « Vine is cool :) ».

And there you are, acknowledging in 6 seconds the power of Vine, a kingdom for ellipses and micro-scenarios, not easy to rule at the first sight but with great potential. We hope that James Deen will go on and give some ideas to his mates of the Porn Valley.

Meanwhile, let him digest…

Originally translated from this post by Gaspard Motet

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