Jesse Jane: « I wanted to be a pornstar, not just a porngirl »

 Jesse Jane is exceptional in many ways. She’s a true physical anachronism, a pure product of the « Baywatch » imagery that you would expect to be limited to the nineties. And yet Jesse is one of the last porn actresses who can undoubtedly enjoy the status of a star. With Jesse we are very far from the girl next door. Here we deal with a eternal fantasy, that of the « sex bomb », an old fashioned expression to qualify a non-standard yet damn exciting body. Jesse Jane is certainly a creature but when the mask of the platinum blondie with big tits falls, you discover a temendous and witty business woman. We interviewed her when she was in Paris in april.

To me, you’re the embodiment of the « pornstar ». Are you the kind of actress that people look up?
Well, I’ve been around for the business for about 10 years, and a lot of girls look up to have the career that I have. I think it’s only because to be in the industry for over 10 years it just not happened, nobody stayed around that long. A lot of people’s career last a year or two. I’ve been around, I’m very careful with my image, what I shoot, what I portray. A lot of girls that come into the industry, they come in without a contract. I came in immediately with a contract, it truly is a business, and a lot of girls will shoot anything and everything they don’t think about. If you keep shooting I think there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s also pornography, but you have to be careful if  you want to be a household name, a star, for the people to know you and people say “oh hell I know that girl”.I love that people look up to me because my goal to get in this industry was to be at the top, I wanted to be a pornstar, not just a porngirl. I wanted to be a star. I could be a household name that even if you don’t watch porn “oh I know that name Jesse Jane” you know, and I work hard myself to grow.

Jesse Jane Interview Le Tag Parfait

You are a kind of councellor?
I always feel like I am the big sister for everybody because even the girls we hire in our company Digital Playground, they look up to me. I brought a coupleof  girls in the industry and they just listen to me, and I’m like “anytime you have questions listen to me because it is all about strategic planning and watching what you do to get further”.

What kind of advices do you give them?
My first advice  is to have a very strong mind to be in this industry. Don’t get me wrong, it has become much more accepted everywhere, it’s not like you say “sex” and people are like “oh my god I can’t believe you said that”, but you’re always gonna have the people who hate it, who say it’s wrong, that will speak their mind to you. You have to be strong in your mind to handle that it’s just an opinion of somebody you don’t know, who doesn’t matter , so why would they affect your life and your decisions, they probably make a million bad decisions on their own…

Second I tell them that you have to have a very strong will, because everybody will know that you did it. Sometimes they’re like “oh I’m gonna do just a couple scenes to see if I like it first and nobody would know”. A friend of a friend is gonna see it, and if you’re not ready for somebody to know, don’t get in it.

And in three, “make sure that you love the sex”. It’s what it’s all about, it’s what people watch you for. You can tell who’s faking. I don’t care, I don’t even watch porn, I barely watched any porn before I got in. So where was the fantasy for me? You have to like sex. And if you like sex, great, then you can go find the company, try to get a contract, don’t do anything you don’t wanna do, don’t let them trick you into it because if you’re stuck in the crazy stuff first, you’re not gonna be a star neither. I’ve been in around for 10 years, no anal, nor multiple guys, gangbangs or anything and I’m still around, and I got to do more mainstream stuff. That doesn’t mean I haven’t done crazy scenes though, I’m here for the passion, and you will never see me look at the camera, because I don’t care where the camera is, I love the sex. They are so many things that you need to know, and to really think about before you get in.

You’re refering to the crazy stuff. In your future, don’t you think that you will try these crazy things?
I probably will not try anything crazy. I’ve had orgies on films and to me that’s all, once I had this orgy with all these guys and girls and I actually love that, because there’s so much to do and I’m like “God, this is fun !” and “I don’t even know what to do guys”. I wouldn’t mind doing that, but like multiple guys on me, I’m not gonna do, because that ruins your career. Anything degrading towards me, I would never do, because I don’t feel that’s right. Being purpously degraded during sex, that’s just not me. Anal? You never know. I might do and it would be my last scene, that’s what you get.

My agents offered me a separate contract just to do an anal movie and I’m like “I know you all want it that bad, but it’s the reason I’m lasting that long, because it’s not allowed”. I’m not stupid, you have to be a businesswoman and agents know how much money they will make, trying to push me to do it. That’s when you have to become the smart one. I’m handling my career, and I’ve done it well for 10 years, so I don’t need what you want, because you want to make a big pile of money of me. But you never know.

Code of Honor feat. Jesse Jane Stoya

What about the audience which expects you to do anal?
I know a lot of people are dying for it, I can get it on my Twitter and I always just tease them like “oh you never know what is gonna happen”. I would like to do one crazy thing, but I’m not gonna put myself unconfortable to make somebody else happy. I’m all about “I wanna have fun” and it needs to be fun for me.

That would be great to put a term to your career with an anal scene…
Honestly I know it would be, I thought about it for a while, then it will be a very good anal scene, and it would be the last, and I would be like “okay this is my last movie, I’m gonna give you what you want, finally. The last gift! You always wanted it, here you go! You know it’s not like I haven’t done anal in my personal life, I do save those things in my personal life, I’m actually crazier in my personal life that I am on film !

You said you have been in the business for more than ten years. I guess it must have changed quite a bit since your first scene, so what’s your point of view about the evolution of porn, with the rise of Internet for instance?
It has defenitely changed. When I came in you still  cared about DVD sales, there were so many companies, the economy wasn’t so bad, it was a big thing, it was crazy, people were nuts. And then the economy went bad, and Internet started taking over, with these free tubes sites, so people were like “why would I pay for porn if I don’t have to, if I can get it for free?”. A lot of companies went out of the business. When you go to the AVN, it’s smaller and smaller every year, because all these companies are gone. It’s definitely different because, in a way, it has definitely hurt the business, people has lost money, their companies have bankrupt, nobody’s buying dvds. But it became a greater good for companies like ours, Manwin which bought Digital Playground, and buys up all the tube sites to make people pay for porn again. So in a way, Internet gives you more exposure, you can be known all around the world, so it’s good, but honestly, saleswise it has definitely hurt everybody.

Don’t you think that only the best survived?
Yeah, and you gotta fight for it. People who are lazy, not willing to work, they don’t survive. I got really lucky, because I have these amazing fans, always had an amazing company behind my back, which shoots great products, which people love. I am always interacting with my fans, always adding a personal touch, which helped me, because people are like “oh you’re so real”, and I’m not a bitch.

Jesse Jane Manwin Interview Le Tag Parfait

You refer to your son in your interviews. He must be a teenager now, I wanted to know how you deal with him when it comes to your job?
Yes, he’s 13. Obviously that’s not an easy situation, and no matter what you do, like even if I wasn’t a pornstar, it’s always difficult to talk to your son about sex and watching porn. When he was11n, I kinda breathed down his neck, because people were talking pictures of me and calling me Jesse and he was “why are they calling you Jesse?”. When he was younger I could get away with “oh my god I must look like this girl named Jesse!”. Obviously the more they grow up, you can’t lie to kids, they’re not dumb. When he was 11, I had my Playboy shows and done Playboy Magazine so I said “OK I need to talk to you. Mommy gets naked for a living, so somebody’s gonna see me on TV or a magazine” and I just left it open like that, but I didn’t say I was doing anything else. “Mommy gets naked on films and magazine and one time, soon probably, your friends are gonna see me naked”. He was cool with that. And I felt that he didn’t know what to think.

I found out that people started watching porn at his school – not everybody, just one of two people that he knew were looking at porn, luckily they hadn’t run into mine yet, cause I’m not on the tube sites. So I just pulled him aside and I was like “hey, we may have a talk”, I explained to him that I do porn for a living. It had a shock value, he wasn’t like “Cool” he was just like “I know that you’re a good mom, and we have a good relationship”. I told him: “You know sometimes you can have you friends that are like “so cool” and you can have that occasional guy who can be like “your mom is a slut”, he told me he would beat them up ! He’s very understanding, we’re so close and I think that these people taking pictures during these years knowing who I was and him not knowing exactly why, he just kind of understood that something was coming. And then what’s funny is that he kind of already knew, he told me “well yeah my friends may have seen you” so okay, well, whatever, but there’s a time and a place. I live in Oklahoma, and you can’t buy porn there, so I had more time than somebody who for example lives in California where there’s magazines in the grocery stores.

So you live in Oklahoma? Do you support the Oklahoma City Thunder?
Yeaaah, Kevin Durant, baby! I love basketball. I’m a big sports girl though, I like football, basketball, baseball, I’m a tomboy! If I’m in town, I go to the games, I just love it because cause I like KD,  Westbrook and the others, and I go under the courtside bar, where everybody goes. I refuse to go without Thunder gear, I have my blue and orange make-up , I need to be “Thundered up” with my make-up, and they always put my son and I on TV, it never fails.

Jesse Jane OKC Thunder Fan

Go Thunder!

The Thunder fans are possibly the craziest supporters…
You have to think about it, Oklahoma City used not to have a professional team, ever, football, nothing, that’s why we had college teams, college fans that were really into sports. So giving us the Thunder, our first team when we never had one, they just made a survey on ESPN about the best fans and Oklahoma City ranked number three at loudest crowd support. We gotta go to number one. Everybody is huge fans, we just needed something. Of course now they’re good, we have a young team, think about how good we’re gonna be soon.

I wanted to know your opinion about French actors and actresses.
I love them, my favourite male performer is Manuel Ferrara, who is French,  I love him, he is really awesome. I’ve worked with some French girls. It’s gonna sound bad, but I’ve worked with so many girls that I can’t tell who are the French ones I had sex with. Of course, I love Katsuni, she’s amazing, I miss her, she’s not in Digital Playground anymore. She was always fun, ’cause she’s quiet, and very sensual, but then she’s down to do the all the freaky crazy stuff ! I love France, I’ve been here at least eight times, I love it. Every time I come here and I can’t get sick of it like “oh the Eiffel Tower, I know we’ve been there so many times but I wanna go again!”

Photos by Guilhem Malissen

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