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With its 13 years of existence and its releases having inflamed a rather somnolent scene, Peste Noire (or KPN for Kommando Peste Noire) is a heavyweight in the grim landscape of Black Metal. Peste Noire, it’s a compendium of French culture, a real melting pot where references collide. Villon, Baudelaire, Artaud, Les Visiteurs, all that against a backdrop of hybrid Black Metal. A music without peer that feels like soil and tastes like blood, made from a complex and diverse heritage, not hesitating to incorporate elements which are out of step with the notion of what you can do in a closed off, not to say sectarian, musical genre.

Techno beats, musette, urban scansion, iconoclast associations that only Famine, the creator and one-man orchestra behind the group, could think of. From the raw gaunt demos to ‘L’Ordure à l’état Pur’, the last album to date – we wait for the new eponymous 5th album – Famine applies himself to building a monument both sublime and squalid to the glory of a fantasized Gall. We’ve had the Rabelaisian rapper with Seth Gueko, here is his metallic equivalent. It seemed to me obvious to question Famine on his relationship with sex and porn, as Peste Noire so richly exudes debauchery and licentiousness. However, we should like to warn our readers, Famine is out-spoken. At his request we leave this interview in its original state, neither sugar-coated nor censored. The opinions of Famine are not those of Le Tag Parfait, they are his alone and under his direct responsibility. Black Metal is an extreme music, both in style and substance, you have been warned.

In our conversations prior to this interview you told me about your experience of libertine clubs, of your research of an ‘aristocracy of sex’ and your disenchantment with the banal crowd surrounding it. Could you expand?
The popular spirit associates libertinism with the decadent 18th century aristocrats and to shitty films such as ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, where powerful people gang bang. I was told that it frequented by dignitaries and by bourgeois women. I went there to fuck my psychiatrist and the wife of my lawyer; I found my baker and my cleaning lady dancing to zouk and to ‘A la queue leu leu’, after having fought each other as to who should eat first. I went in search of filth: they were obsessed by hygiene and hairlessness. I went in search of mental illness: they like people comfortable in their heads and in themselves; a satanic sacral character: it’s fun; people fuck while farting and laughing in what are just nightclubs except that you’re fucking on-the-spot; some female submission: arrogant wrinklies who no longer excite their husbands and who only want to re-invigorate their ego with the power gained from turning on some abject creep, in order to forget for one night their sagging tits and that their dilated vagina, made loose from pumping out two or three sprogs, is beginning to smell rotten. Everything that cums from there rings false. It’s never nine guys that fuck a girl, but a girl that fucks nine guys. There isn’t a place where absolute feminism reigns stronger, made exclusively from narcissism, superficiality, venality and bullshit (women eh?). The men are lowered to the level of pets reduced to trying every possible self-humiliating trick (dancing like faggots, overplaying the sympathy card to the point of nausea) so not to have wasted the 50 Euros entrance fee…Even the S&M evenings are stuffed with submissive males, not females. Never in six years have I met a single person in these holes who was intelligent or cultivated. I prefer a hundred times more the queers, dirtier, roguish, intelligent, perverse. I’m not at all queer…but each time an eyelash falls out, I blow it off my fingertip and make a wish to become one. In short one mustn’t generalise but what I wrote on the neo-Libertines in the diary of PN (Ed: Peste Noire) in our forthcoming magazine, is true for 90% of them:

‘The Libertines are having parties. They party and then they make love, sometimes both at the same time. They never fuck with death. These libertine arses are glamorous, chic, full of champagne, glitz and glitter, obsessed by hygiene (physical and mental) and hairlessness. Their famous motto: ‘no taboos except for S&M and filth’. The Libertines are nice, the Libertines are normal, they all look for, according to their own unanimous confession, ‘carnal pleasure without taboos, with respect and hygiene, where all is permitted and nothing is forced’. Patrick Sébastien, Ardisson (the French equivalent to Bruce Forsyth and Jonathan Ross)… ARE Libertines, which should dissuade you from being one. Holy shit, we are looking for displeasure of the spirit through taboos, the obligation to have others do precisely that which they don’t want to do. Does someone get sodomised for ‘the pleasure of the flesh’? ROFL no. She, or he, does it to enjoy his/her own degradation. When Madame gets on all fours, or as we say in French, ‘paws’, it’s less to ‘make love’, but rather to mimic the she-goat or the female monkey.’

Your partner was versed in domination for several years, what did she gain from this experience?
A lot of cash, I believe. I’m no longer with her. Bernard Lopette in the booklet of ‘L’Ordure à l’état Pur’ was one of her male bottoms, and here is the original unaltered photograph:

Bernard Lopette L'Ordure à l'Etat Pur Peste Noire

In your last interview on LMH, you make reference to a French mythology in which scatology would be a fundamental element. It is true that ‘Cochon Carotte et les soeurs Crotte’, one of the main songs of ‘L’Ordure à l’état Pur’ essentially revolves around the arsehole. Do you think you could fit it into a French pornographic culture and, more universally, into that of ‘slap and tickle’, with its Woodman, Pierre Moro, Jacquie & Michel and the amateur world that are sometimes (often?) filthy?
I believe that in sex the Germans are more scatological than we are. But as France is a little bit Germanic, this works out just fine.

You told me that you are not a fan of US porn, what is it that bothers you about the Yankee approach to porn? When I see sites like Facial Abuse and others (which gives great delight to eFukt), I have the impression of witnessing the fall of the Roman empire, an accelerated version, one cannot be more profound in this decadent pleasure….
American porn resembles the country which craps it out and its action films: always the most extreme possible but without any intelligence, without diabolical refinements in its violence/evilness. It is extreme solely from an anatomical perspective, just a competition of dilations, but it understands nothing of perversity, the disposition to do Evil with the resources of INTELLIGENCE and IMAGINATION, clearly reserved for Asians and Europeans (that goes for porn but also for cinema in general). When it’s extreme it’s often gonzo, a lubricated charcuterie with minimal scenario while in my eyes, everything is in the scenario. The poisonous sophistication of scenes in ‘Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom’ (1976) of Pasolini gives me more wood than the Yankee porno-gore of which you speak. Penetration may not be needed, we could even say. Tripping someone up, pulling some panties down publicly in the street, or that guru who had his whole sect enumerating the physical defects of the followers, these are more sexual in my mind than the extreme close-up of a cock in a hole. I have many mates for whom it’s a real pain in the arse to tick each of the stages of seduction, the kissy-kissy and the restaurant, and even penetration, to get to the bit that matters to them: to give her one right in her face, which in the worst case, produces the following:

 ‘Hey, but you’re hitting me?!’ or ‘You trying to strangle me?

‘Oh, sorry, I was so excited and I didn’t know what came over me, I’m a little overbearing when I make love…I think I’m in love with you.’

Unexpected punches and strangulation aren’t allowed to be dished out in the street. In bed it’s still possible though without being sent to prison. Oh yes, in Canada I farted on a mother who was walking with her child, the blokes from Akitsa are witnesses. That’s still allowed, farting on girls. I can’t imagine a girl making a complaint just because someone farted on her face.

Famine Peste Noire Week-end chargé

Famine after a fight, not with his cock unsheathed but a knife

In my article ‘Blood and Cum, I established a link between Black Metal, a blasphemous and highly rebellious music and porn/fucking, taboos for the religions of the Book. Do you think there is a pertinent connection between the two? What is your position with Peste Noire on pornography?
You have only forgotten the last religion of the Book: the religion of Human Rights (rights for all men, even if they are little shits), egalitarian, secularist, capitalist, liberal-libertarian, who don’t make sexual pleasure a taboo but an exclusive way of life. Our society, which sticks naked chicks on billboards at bus stops, is highly pornographic. My deodorant has the shape of a dildo and shower commercials are reminiscent of bukkakes. You pay a license fee for your daughter to ogle dung like ‘Sex and the City’ or ‘Desperate Housewives’, in order to be deflowered at twelve, man. My comrade L’Atrabilaire has rightly written in our forthcoming magazine, in relation to the blasphemies of Black Metallers which are in fact not, that they are instead avatars of the System:

‘Simply concerning your porno-blasphemy photos, I would like to tell you, I delete hundreds every day that are much worse when I clean my email inbox of spam, all that when I am finished checking out the new methods of penis enlargement and newly available Viagra pills, of course.’

(Source: ‘Sanadís – A poor (trowel) work’ by L’Atrabilaire – La Mesnie Herlequin)

Me, I’m a pagan, seeing a nun with a crucifix in her cunt isn’t a blasphemy; it’s just a daily gesture like brushing your teeth or pinching a loaf. I don’t give a toss. Nuns, who must dildo themselves regularly, don’t give a toss either in my opinion (so to speak). Near Carpentras where I lived before, they dug out the basement of a convent to do some works: it was stuffed with secretly buried foetuses. What bothers me, is that in the same way that the Kapital reduces human life to just bodies, only to material pleasure, pornography also reduces sex to bodies. As stated above, a Machiavellian scenario such as ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ (1782) by Laclos, a really hurtful insult (I’m not talking about ‘sluts’, or ‘whores’ and other ‘bitches’, these insults used by plebs), or a Taekwon-Do move that’s really technical and artistic in the head, in the vein of:

Prise Taï Ken Do

are more sexual than the image of a cock in a hole, the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but pornography has tendency to eliminate the spirit or intellect from sex. Limited brains only need an arse, that’s not a problem. The real problem is that porn addresses itself too much to these limited brains. So my position with PN is that I like other things than lessons in anatomy. There must be a well laid-out story, the betrayal of a transcendence (love, friendship, trust, principles…), a situation of horror of injustice, some Evil. As long as that stays in cinema and therefore in Art, or in imagination, there is no danger, that allows purging, pure catharsis, I hate those things in my real life – and if I didn’t hate them, they would no longer be Evil, which always remains personal and relative. But often I imagine. When I fuck a girl, I’m seeking to fuck God, not a girl. Even when I’m fucking I think of something else, I mentally place myself in Hell. Sometimes a noise, a squeak brings me back into the bed with the girl I’m shagging and I say to myself: Ah shit, you were there?

Ardraos - Peste Noire

Ardraos, drummer in the scope

You mention many projects in your last interview, including a rap album, and why not a soundtrack to a porno film?
A PN fuck-track, why not, but played over sex with a menagerie of dwarfs, amphibians and snakes like in a scene of the excellent ‘Caligula’ (1979) by Tinto Brass. Besides, I take this opportunity to say that I am searching for some guys who are masters of video to make a Peste Noire short that’s really disgusting and goth without costing thousands. They can write to me here: [email protected]

Do you watch porn? What are you favourite tags/key words?
In that it’s a bit like with music: I prefer to compose rather than listen. I have more imagination than that which I find in these films, so I pull my love muscle often without a film. On my site La mesnie, I had posted this masterpiece of contemporary art made by myself, which my point illustrates well because it includes everything I need to have a happy life:

Famine Peste Noire Montage

LE Masterpiece

A cave, books, an electric guitar and my pathological brain. But when I watch some, it’s like the Black that I love (I am not in love with a Congolese, I’m talking about Black Metal): amateur, dirty, iniquitous and French – French because conversation is important and I’m fucked for other languages. No favourite tag, I just pick in the amateur porn situations of authentic treachery: hidden cams, cuckolding with pregnant women and other group fucks by addicts in need, this sort of thing. Japanese war reports are full of sexual anecdotes too. In the more produced side of things, like I said, a film like ‘Caligula’, which isn’t porn but it’s on the cusp.

Translation is courtesy of La mesnie Herlequin’s gang bang crew; Albion’s thrusting sceptre Martin (ENG) and Occitania’s well-hung stallion L’Atrabilaire (ÒC).

Front picture by Metastazis.

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