Colored Enema: Over The Rainbow

Just when you think that everything has been done here below, there comes along someone with a brilliant idea – one that refuels your enthusiasm tank for another six-month mad drive.

Porn is no exception. When you think you have seen it all, you always find some new tag buggering up your boredom.

In the first part of our series of forbidden tags, we spared you the « enema » tag – but now, it’s time to face it. You already regret having read these words – they unveil a terrifying world where liquids are projected away from geyser-like anuses. Most often, this practice, essential to the filming of anal sex, takes place backstage, in toilets that we hope to be soundproof.

But sometimes, the off-air goes on the air and what should have been kept hidden is displayed.

Well aware that, for the time being, I’m talking to less than 1% of fappers around the world (there are only 290 hits on, I will quickly explore the spectrum of possibilities offered by this practice to highlight what really matters here : post-porn.

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The « enema tag » is like a Russian doll. First, you discover the outside, the misdemeanors of traditional enema devotees – those whose main goal is to wash their insides (and that ain’t pretty, kiddo). But when opening up the nesting doll, you find more stuff, nasty stuff.

You were longing for your childhood’s snacks?

#milk enema is for you. Skimmed for the diet maniacs, ass’ milk for the snobs (but, honestly, who could blame them – who doesn’t like asses?), maternal milk for pervs (that’s my boy!)…

You are a gourmet desperate to find anything out of the ordinary?

You can use whipped cream (whip it right, it’s been a bad bad cream), following the example set by the Anal Buffet series from Evil Angel and some Russians (careful, the link ain’t safe for work at all). The game consists in sodomizing girls and then getting sprayed on by just outta the butt whipped cream. Thinking I’m exaggerating? You shouldn’t, bro.

You are none of those wusses?

You belong to the category of misunderstood geniuses who live out their dreams : transforming their insides into soda fountains.

One should note that there is a difference between #enema and #scat – we are here in presence of professionals whose insides are shinier than diamond. But since you are a little curious about it, let me tell you that your quest within the #enema kingdom might lead you to hell, namely #prolapse.

the Big Lebowski gif

The editorial meeting

Yet, theses fancy enemas are not that fancy – they are limited to whitish liquids, maybe to reassure the most prudish of us. Hopefully (or not?), there is still a country where people know to be creative: Japan, homeland of rule 34.

In 2008, Japan invented a rare tag with a strong image, a fluorescent porn halfway between past and future, a crazy but simple avatar of post-porn : colored enema.

We couldn’t resist the call of duty: we had to investigate. But all we had were scant leads. A very few productions and, among them, not many on the global market – censorship has struck again. Here are some titles – but remember it’s a poisoned gift we offer you : Anal Club Vol. 2 or something on Caribbeancom.

Yet, something is telling me you might like this pic.

C’est effectivement très beau.

It is, indeed, beautiful.

Color is in da place – the square and dull enemas are freaking out. Old school is #old, let’s give way to future. If one day martians finally show up, this will be the legacy of humanity.

Blue, green splashes – that’s only the beginning. Soon, there will be rainbow-like enemas exploding before your flabbergasted eyes and, since these kind of scenes are often a double act (don’t ask me why, I’m not a shrink), we will exclaim our joy before this double rainbow all the way across the porn.

Just imagine, taking liquid Timothy Leary tickets right in Aladdin’s cave and seeing the forty thieves ejected by the ass like a torrent – and multicolored butterflies flickering in the air, if the technology is good enough. Inject unthinkable colors, make Van Gogh come back from the dead to cut off his remaining ear before this unspeakable beauty. Please, forgive me for my English, but I’m shitting candy pink Play-Doh modeling clay just when telling you about it. #colored enema is the real deal, man – and Nyan Cat isn’t, you geek.

[youtuber youtube=’′]

Let them do petrol blue enemas or enemas with glitters, let porn get the political role it lacks of! My brain is drifting, lost, wandering among so many possibilities. There, you got it dude! Diet Coke and a Mentos in the ass – it will be a pretty huge buzz, or (do I dare to say it?) an enema of likes.

 Originally translated from this post by Gaspard Motet

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