Cakes Da Killa: « Gay rappers don’t exist »

Who’s Cakes Da Killa?
Cakes Da Killa is everything I am and never what I might be. That’s basically me in a nutshell.

In most of your songs, you talk about your sex experience; the press has qualified you as a nymphomaniac. Do you find that sex is an endless source of inspiration? 
Sex can be very inspiring if done right. I also realize a lack of sex, or an overwhelming amount of lust can be more inspiring. Sex isn’t the only act that inspires me. No, I am not a nymphomaniac I just don’t see why homosexual sex is still such a hot topic, or sex in general
for that matter.

I get the feeling that you’re indifferent/jaded with the gay/porn rapper scene. Are you tired of being identified alike?
I am tired of being grouped together not because I have anything against any artist who may have similar sexual taste to me but because to do is just lazy journalism. I’m not ready to be put in a box just yet. I am not indifferent about it or jaded I just think it’s wack as fuck.

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At the same time you qualify yourself as a « gay rapper » in your interviews, why?
I am a gay person who raps. There is no such thing as a gay rapper, a white rapper or a female rapper. Rapping is just a hobby or a profession now that I’m making money. People are taking this title thing too literal. Is there such a thing as a gay mailman or a female bus driver? No. Just because I talk about my personal likes in my rhymes doesn’t mean it defines me as a rapper.

How do you perceive hip-hop’s evolution?
Rap in the 90’s was defiantly the Golden age. I think rap is going through a really awkward phase like puberty or something but it will soon become a full grown beautiful man. Or maybe rap is having a mid life crisis haha I really don’t know.

You rap over Juke and Footwork beats, both styles originating from Chicago, which is a different vibe than what we can hear from others up and coming rappers in New York. How do you explain such diversity of styles?
Well, I draw from various genres of music and don’t limit myself. I also have my own taste in things outside of music that influence many decisions I make musically. I just try my best to stay true to my own identity. With so many people paving their own lane and doing their own things there is bound to be lots of diversity in a same place.

What are your influences outside of music? Sex, obviously, but what else?
Cinema, coloring books, anime, life, anger and being gay and black in America.

Before there was one style specific for the west, the east, the south, now any rapper may rap with Southern technics and a very New York flow and aesthetics. Do you feel like the Internet has expended barriers of how newcomers rap?
Definitely! The Internet always people to have access to things that wasn’t always accessible and that’s amazing. This means more influences, more collaborations and more people becoming inspired but that also means more competition, less chances and more delusional people who think they can do things that only real artists can do.

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Who have you collaborated with? Are you planning on collaborating with New York based rapper? Who would you like to collaborate with most next?
I’ve collaborated with a few artists like Big Momma, RIPMC, Dai Burger, Bobby Lytes and Sony Cobain to name a few. I’m not planning on doing many more collaborations because I really need to take more time in building myself up as an artist opposed to spreading myself thin. I don’t really have any artists in mind but I would really like to work with Missy Elliott when I get my shit together.

You want to work with Missy, I suppose she had a big influence on you? I heard you were a fan of Lil Kim (the big influence in your raps is discernable). What do you think of the song « Lady Marmalade » by Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim, Pink & Missy? Who would you replace to be along Missy and Lil Kim and why?
Lady Marmalade is classic. The video was so cute and it has some of my favourite divas. I wouldn’t replace anyone. The dynamic was really cute.

When everybody’s busy with the « Harlem Shake », you talk about « smashing like an Harlem », is that a reference to the Harlem Globetrotters and a sex metaphor?
Smashing means fucking. The full line is, « He tryna smash me like a Harlem jumpskeezy. » This basically means a possible lovers way to get into my pants is unflattering and a little demeaning. I just had to say that in a funny way.

We all know free masons and illuminatis but less about “cuntspiracy” that you mention in one of your songs? Is this a worldwide movement, are there any heads?
You’ll just have to wait and see.

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Do you think there is such a thing as a “mussyspiracy”? [mussy = a man’s pussy]?
I think that sounds like an STD.

So, Cakes, what’s behind that purple tainted cover of « The Eulogy« ?
I just thought the purple tint would be cool against the pale pink of the flowers in the headdress. The colour purple is also associated with wealth and royalty, both reoccurring themes in the project.

You have a tumblr called MussyMayhem, are you big on tumblring? Are you aware of those fetish tumblrs about boys wearing a white tank top and amputated girls? What’s your guilty pleasure?
I love Tumblr! It’s filled with so much inspiring shit like references and visuals. I can get lost there for hours – literally. I’m usually sitting on the computer scrolling my life away. Tumblr is also filled with swagger jacking faux talents who think trendy clothes actually equate to a meaningful contribution to society. Poor unfortunate souls. I have seen those disabled people fetish things. I tend to run into all types of stuff honestly. My latest guilt pleasure is foreskin.

Foreskin? Speaking of this tumblr?
No, I was just talking about foreskin generally. Not like in a fetished sort of way. I don’t really have any fetishes that I can think of just personal preferences.

What’s your porn like?
I like all types of porn. I really think porn can be beautiful if done right.

How would you describe yourself in a few porn tags?
I can’t describe myself but I can describe my perfect porn fantasy: #uncut #rough #doublepenetration

Any last words? Shoutouts?
Shouts to Europe. I will see you this summer!

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