February 2013: Isabelle



Bordeaux (France)

What is the first picture that aroused you?
My brothers who are older than me (the eldest was 18 when I was 6) had porn magazines and pictures. I was very young when I saw that, I was excited but didn’t know what to think about it. It left me perpelexed. As I grew older, I realized what it was all about. What I saw at a very young age was not insignificant, it had an insidious effect which explains why I’m now totally obsessed!

Do you remember your first porn?
Not at all! I remember the encrypted Saturday night porn we watched with friends, I remember the VHS forgotten in the VCR, the erotic TV films on M6, the porn picture collections of my brothers. Even if it’s quite recent, Le Journal de Pauline made a strong impression on me. I also remember Les Visiteuses (parody of Les Visiteurs), which gave me another point of view on the characters of the original movie.

And now what do you watch?
To tell the truth, almost nothing. I don’t feel the need to watch porn, I don’t really have the time or the craving for it. I’ve seen what’s behind the scenes and it’s not exciting anymore! Sometimes I indulge in a little scene.

Single or not?
I’d rather be alone, I use to share it with my partner but I don’t feel the need to do it now. It’s my own personal pleasure. One of my ex used to spend all his time watching porn, when I was out, even under the shower, and he didn’t even assume that he was a compulsive fapper. It’s probably the reason why it has discouraged me.

Who are your favorite actresses?
As I’m not a porn fan, I’d say none. Well, I could at least say “Hooray for Liza del Sierra, Anna Polina” but it’s only because they are personal friends. As soon as I’ve spoken with porn actors/actresses, it’s impossible for me to watch them on video, I have a mental block. I’m still in love with Mélanie Coste though, I’m quite sure I served her once at the tobacco store I was working at.

Before the shooting, you told me you were quite familiar with the French porn milieu, can you explain to us why and how?
It would be pretentious to say that I know it well. Let’s say that I’m more familiar with it than the average person. In 2006 I launched a website presenting soft pictures, and I mean really soft. Evocative and naked pictures. I was the only “chubby” girl to do that, I made a point of honour to always have fancy and original themes, I hate the mediocrity prevailing in the porn milieu. For instance, a close up on a huge zit on a woman’s butt, it pisses me off, the same goes with girls posing with their dirty laundry in the background. Paying attention to the set is essential. My website allowed me to take part to exhibitions, to shoot, to have walk-on parts on movies, to meet respectable (or not) people, to evolve within the milieu without being truly part of it. I think I’m a rather nice and open-minded person, easy to get along with. I was not your typical fangirl and even though I was not a porn actress, my work remains in the field of “sexiness”. I stopped everything after 6 years, I may re-launch it anyway.

How did the business evolve lately?
In a bad way in terms of fame and quality. With the rise of the internet and social netwroks, everybody can be a porn actor/actress. A chick shoots a scene in a swinger club and she’s instantly a self-proclaimed pornstar. Is it supposed to work that way? It’s as if the walls around porn had crumbled. You got people doing nearly improvised and low-paid porn auditions, it banalizes the porn profession. Some actresses belittle themselves, they sell off to be able to play in porn movies, to be mentioned in magazines. What about the enthusiasm… When I see 15 years ol girls who say they want to become porn actresses, I want to wake them up… At their age, I wore my Nirvana tshirt and barely experienced my first kiss. I’m afraid about what will follow, maybe I’m becoming a bit conservative. I’m nostalgic about old porn, which was taboo and less accessible.

Who are your friends in the French porn sphere?
You’re asking me with whom I have my huge sexual orgies? Just kidding, I’m friend with Liza del Sierra, for that matter it’s funny to see how you can gain 100 followers by live-tweeting a night spent with, even though we are just drinking red wine, on a sofa, in tracksuits! It seems impossible to be friend with a porn actress and spend a night without falling into sexual debauchery. Well, I’m sorry but it is possible.

Otherwise, Enola (who’s no longer into porn),Anna Polina, I like her a lot, Nephael as well. I’m not sure I need to drop more anames. And there’s also my friend Nenest who works at Dorcel, but he’s not an actor yet!

You never thought about shooting a porn movie (and not just be a walk-on part)?
Yes, I did for a simple reason : to make ends meet. I’ve been offered to act a few times (even nowadays) but I couldn’t do it : I’m have a complex, I’m too modest and it’s definitely not for me. I tried to cam but I was unable to play the game or to fake. I felt stupid with my sextoy at hand, music playing and soft lighting. It’s not my thing. With all due respect to actresses, it’s not the image of myself I want to show. And I don’t even talk about being on a set with a cameraman and a whole team… However, I could try to do erotic stuff if you have any contacts!

If you had to keep only one tag, what would it be?
Hard to choose ! It depends on the mood, the craving… #threesome, #hard as well as #lesb and #onanisme. However I have a perfect command on what I don’t want to watch!

You’ve been following us for a while, how did you find us?
Thank you Ernest ! And my curiosity. And Twitter…

Why do you want to become a Parfaite ?
To know what it feels like, at least one time in my life, to be “perfect » and also because I love the concept. By the way, I like you guys a lot.

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