January 2013: Camille



Paris (France)

What is the first picture that aroused you?
I was 7 years old I guess, I was with a girlfriend and we found an erotic magazine owned by my parents. There were girls with big boobs, I thought that I would be like them when I’ll be older, it didn’t work. I think it was interesting, I wanted to do the same things, I found it natural.

Your first porn?
I was with my cousin on my grandma’s computer, I was about 10-12 years old, it was video downloaded by my uncle, a dirty blondie who was hitchhiking and ended up in a strange forest. I was at the same time excited and yet I felt awkard.

How do you consume porn these days?
I’ve only started watching porn regularly 2 years ago, when I moved to Paris (she’s originally from Belfort), beforehand I was reading Sade and short stories that I found on internet. I watch porn 2 or 3 times per week, and sometimes several times in a day.

Is it a masturbatory material?
Yes, exclusively.

What do you watch?
Incest, father and daughter, gang bangs but I grow tired of it, otherwise I like the babysitter section of de forhertube.com, a tube for girls.

Those tags mostly deal with porn movies directed by men…
I came to the conclusion that a website only dedicated to girls is impossible to make, because a girl’s fantasy is to rethink a scene that she’s already lived with somebody, and that is impossible to transcribe.

So you don’t believe in « porn for women »?
I must admit I can’t see the difference.

While we were shooting, you told me your mom read our articles, do you talk about porn with your mom?
She follows what I do, she went on Le Tag Parfait because she’s interested in what I do. We talk about sex, not porn, she’s very open on the subject and we laugh a lot about it.

Referring to the incest tag, do you think she will take it well?
My father is only 40 years old, in the scenes I watch they are older. I have a hard time dealing with incest videos when it deals with the mother, I think it’s always a fail, it’s cliché. However I’m rarely disappointed, it’s kind of my perfect tag. I enjoy watching teens as well, but it’s hard to find good ones, they’re usually in their 30’s with pigtails.

How did you find us?
An ex was always talking about it, it was kind of crazy for me. When I registered to Twitter, I saw some RT’s, I read articles randomly and I became a regular visitor thanks to Lola’s video that I watch in a continuous loop! I also met people thanks to Le Tag. However, nobody knows you in Belfort, you got to do something about it!

Why do you want to become a Parfaite?
To answer Camille: it is possible to be a nymphet and a Parfaite.

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