November 2012: Camille



Paris (France)

First picture that aroused you?
Série Rose sur FR3 (french TV), I was 11 years old, it was a TV adaptation of erotic novels. I remember that it was “forbidden”, therefore it was exciting. Then “Clicks” by Manara, my parents had a glass bookcase, with some hot stuff, I would pick out from their collection behind their backs.

I was 14 years old when I experienced my first true erotic emotion. We were watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with friends, a guy who was 2 years older than me caressed my shoulder, coming closer to my mini-boobs throughout the movie. It’s one of the most erotic moments of my life and now I get really excited everytime I see a chainsaw.

First porn you watched?
A Dorcel movie, broadcast by Canal+ on a Saturday night, I was 15 and I said to myself « if that’s sex, then I’m gonna wait a little” and I’ve waited.

What’s your relation to porn nowadays?
I’m a believer, but I’m not practicing. I rarely watch porn, or just what you post on “Au Bon Fappeur”, I really like Erika Lust. Otherwise, I love vintage French and Japanese porn because of their sociological implications. Japanese people have very different fantasies than ours: bisexuality is quite rare, they have other taboos and fantasies.

My porn has to approach reality, not gynecology. On has to feel the excitation climbing up, the girl moving from a little princess to a slut but it doesn’t mean that she had to get a right mouthfull, that is annoying, she’s got to have fun. I don’t like it when guys shave; when they seem to spend their lives at the gym or some beauty salons.

I’m more into porn literature, which is a great material to unleash emotions. I really like Esparbec who goes really far with his own fantasies. You set your own (moral or aesthetic) limits thanks to your imagination and its own filter, which is not the case when you deal with porn movies and their trashy explicitness.

Is Paris an erotic city?
I wrote a short story about the Portes cochères of Puigalle and I’m currently writing a book about Parisian fleshpots. There’s a history of sex and Paris. The French idea of debauchery and licentiousness is very interesting. We have a very light approach of sexuality; at ease with ourselves.

Do you think scripted porn movies have a future?
It’s a natural cycle; porn used to include a script, now it’s just scenes, and it will go back to storytelling when we’ll be fed up with gonzo. Porn movies are like junk food and haute cuisine, it’s nice to go on the tubes but a more elaborate movie has its place as well and can trigger emotions, it opens to phantasmagoria. On the tubes, there’s a tendency to over categorize and isolate fantasies. The best thing would be to feed your imagination and transpose it to your own private life.

How did you find us?
I write about erotic culture on Lorenzo de Paris, people sent me links from Le Tag Parfait, and I found it great.

Why do you want to become a Parfaite?
Enough with the nymphets!

Shot by © Guilhem Malissen

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