eFukt: Top Ten of Horror

[WARNING] You still have time to escape and spare yourself the worst nausea one could expect. If you’re brave enough, just CLICK on the pictures below to access the different levels of Hell and to crush the very last hope you had in humanity

#10 : Goober finally loses bukkake virginity 

To begin with, I’d like to introduce you to Korin aka Goober aka Chris Penn, one of the many Efukt heroes , such as the girl with no vag or the epic naked guy. Outcast of porn sets, Korin drags his micropenis across bukkakes. After one more fail, he comes back with a revenge in order to splash us with his unintentional genius. Chuck Norris approved.

#9 : 13 most ridiculous orgasms ever

I must say it hurts a bit to see one of the most mythical scenes of contemporary porn being mentionned in this dreadful countodown, however I forgive them thanks to n°13.

#8 : Queef off

Antithesis of the ideal son, Howard Stern has been broadcasting for 25 years under the sign of good taste, here’s a proof with this extract which will make Terrance & Phillip‘s fans rage.

#7 : Amazing horse

No, it doesn’t deal with zoophile porn (well, if you dig the caves of this cursed website deepe enough, you might find some). This is not so much the video (excerpt from a very old-school movie), which is of interest but rather the song (probably the most haunting ever) that serves as the background.

#6 : Bro shits himself after knocking girl out

One of the few videos that does not have a juicy introduction, it doesn’t matter that much here, it’s just a question of looks.

#5 : Bad times at the Bachelorette party

I’ve already been on a porn set, it wasn’t particularly worth it, I was nor aroused, nor digusted, butI can only speak for myself. The main character of the following video seems to have been way more receptive than me. And what about this fucking song

#4 : The trolling of wannabe pornstars

Let’s go deepah, if you’re still with us, thanks to this series of 4 videos of Facial Abuse‘s most memorable moments. The man behind the cam has definitely lost control, his art of trolling goes beyond absolutely everyting that is humanly conceivable.

#3 : Being a maid sucks

We’ll spare you the obvious parallel with the infamous Sofitel affair. Some people seem to have a vivid passion for maids, this passion expresses itself differently depending on the history of each.

#2 : How is this even possible ?

« I think we can do better than that », a slogan which has never been denied by eFukt.

#1 : Would not hit

For the « first place » of this top of horror, I hesitated between the following video and the classic « one guy, one jar », but I think we’ve seen enough of this shattered-glass filth. Too bad for you, here’s my top pick and nothing will ever be the same.

And before you leave, we have a special message for you :

[youtuber youtube=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg9OimC5-q4′]

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