October 2012: Benjamin



Colombes (France)

Why do you want to become a Parfait?
There’s not many men in this section, there’s no reason why girls would not make the most of it.

You might expose yourself to trolls, you know that?
I don’t care, there’s much more interesting things to troll than me in the nude.

What is your relation to porn?
It’s first and foremost a masturbatory material, sometimes I watch porn as a source of inspiration, I take 2 or 3 ideas when I don’t have time to do more.

What are your tags?
I’m a MILF lover (Rubee Tuesday, Shannon Kelly, Gianna Foxx, Annie Body, Debi Diamond, Darryl Hanah…), the woman you come to help out. When I watch porn, it has to be hard, with anal, even more, otherwise I don’t watch it. There has to be submission or humiliation, blood is the limit for me.

About MILF, whatkind of submission are you looking for?
I have to take things in hand, spanking, deep throat, I like it when they spit on my cock, it drives me crazy.

Where do you watch porn?
On xHamster usually, there’s everything, I don’t have to work my ass off to look for something. I went on Tube8, Youjizz, Apetube (it’s very detailed, thanks Elise), but xHamster remains my first choice.

Do you think scripted porn movies have a future?
I’m not a big fan, porn performers are no actors… When you wacth Dorcel movies, or similar stuff, you can see that it’s bad acting, I prefer gonzo, it goes straight to the point, it’s perfect.

Your first porn?
At the age of 12, I found a porno hidden my father had hidden, it was very bad by the way. Certainly a VHS bought at some sex shops, I never talked to him about that. A French porn, the first scene featured two chicks who went to a sexshop to try outfits, there was a lesbian scene and then a guy made them try some dildos and then the owner came into play. There was a scene in a movie theater, everybody was watching the movie and then it turned into an orgy.

You’ve been watching porn for 15 years, how did your way of consuming porn evolve?
Everything changes with the internet, I feel like I’m addicted to it, I watch porn everyday. But when I was watching porn on my parents’ computer I never thought I would end up watching BDSM videos. To see a woman getting slapped works with me.

How do you see the future?
Fake boobs. It has to stop. We need average women. No music, I think it’s useless (and there’s no music in BDSM btw). French porn should take its inspiration from US porn, there’s a gap, if it works for them, it should work for us. I also believe in the importance of prevention, when you feel good about yourself, porn is harmless but I think that it can have a bad influence on some people.

Did you ever ask yourself if you could be a porn actor?
I was a dunce at school so I seriously asked myself about that when I was 15-16 years old,I still think about it though, from time to time haha.

Who’s your favorite actor?
Nacho Vidal.

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