September 2012: Lola



Do you remember the first picture that turned you on?

I don’t have many memories before the age of 15. I don’t know if I did this consciously or not, but it seems like I erased those trouble times from my memory. I first realized something strange was happening to me when I was looking at lesbian pictures. I found all the big cocks I saw in my BFF’s big brother’s magazines pretty ugly and not really arousing. It was funny, but what really excited me was what wasn’t shown, the sexual tension…

The first time you watched porn?

It was a VHS we must have found amongst my friend’s big brother’s magazines (it often starts like this you know), I was 10. I had a VCR in my bedroom and one night we watched it together, my friend and I. I only remember one scene where chicks in prison were playing doctor. My friend was bored and wanted to stop but I, with my wet panties, not really knowing what was going on, I just wanted to kiss her. It was cute, really.

Later, I used to visit my grandmother during summer. I waited for the night to come and watched Emmanuelle. I did not touch myself, I just climbed back to bed and there, under the comforter, I went looking for what was between my legs. I figured it all out very quickly.

And now?

It changed a bit since then. Fucking Internet. You can find anything… and nothing. That’s the reason why I never spend more than 20 minutes watching the screen, one hand under the comforter. I browse a little, enter a tag or two, check the preview, find a sequence I like and off I go. I do this with 2 or 3 videos and I’m done. I think I only do this when I feel alone and when I really need it. I like to have sex with someone, someone I love. I’m a bloody romantic, which may not be obvious if you go through my browsing history.

Your favorite tags?

It’s almost like a ritual… I get things going with a little #lesbian (back to the roots), I don’t do anything, I just watch. I love frustration, it really turns me on. Then I go straight to something brutal which will « allow » me to touch myself. I love #gangbang, #DP, #punishment, anything hardcore. I love it when it hurts a bit, I don’t really know why. Sometimes, once I got what I wanted, I keep watching and I don’t like it at all, the magic’s gone, it’s sad.

You expose yourself a lot, in music videos or in the one you made for us, Lola Hoop. You don’t seem to hide it in any way : is it a way for you to assert yourself or just to make money?

None. I never needed the Internet to assert myself and to be confortable with my body. I’ve always felt good about myself and I never doubted my physical assets. Of course, there are some things about me I don’t like (my tits or my belly for exemple) but it’s not a problem for me. I deal with it. The more you love yourself, the more beautiful you will be, even if you are not physically perfect.

I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m « sapiosexual », but what really attracts me is intelligence, culture and maturity. Everything that I do, modeling, music videos etc. I do for the money. It’s a leisure to me, I do it for fun, with people I like, or people whose work I admire (or both).

Those videos seem to catch on. Does it bring back idiots and haters? I saw you fighting with other girls on Twitter a few times…

Not really. I think of it as a game. As I said earlier, this means nothing and it makes me laugh. Those girls on Twitter, it’s not a game to them, it’s about their reputation. I don’t care about that. Sometimes I reply because I never say no to a good fight but I’m laughing behind my screen. Sometimes stupidity makes me cry, but mostly I’m laughing about all of this. It’s quite simple : criticisms only get to me when they’re made by people I think highly of.

I don’t think my boyfriend tells me everything but what I do does not bother him, he’s a great guy, he truly is. He knows who I am and what I stand for. Sometimes, we even read the reactions on my videos together, it’s fun actually.

Who’s got the best butt right now?

My boyfriend ahah. I’m not gonna please everybody and give you the list everyone’s waiting for. There are so many, I can’t choose. You’ve got the cute ones and the thick butts. I think the best butt award goes to this chick I saw on the beach today. A bit bigger than usual but firm, I loved it.

The best song to fuck to?

It depends. I listen to a lot of stuff. Schubert, Waka Flocka, I have no problem going from one to the other. I love it when it’s soft. The best answer may be the last song I came on : Frank Ocean – Pink Matter (I came at 2:30, it was beautiful).

Would you choose the same music for a porn movie soundtrack? Or is it different?

I like you a lot, but you’re a real pain with your questions. To me, those are 2 distinct things. I have no idea of what I’d choose, maybe nothing. If the chick is not screaming to loud, and if the guy is insulting her as he should be.

The best dope to fuck on?

I love weed. This is what I choose to make love. We make a beautiful threesome.

And to watch some porn?

Weed, obviously, some wine or some rum between two scenes.

If we give you a camera and tell you to shoot a scene, what would it look like?

I really am perfectionist. I think I would be directing and acting at the same time, so that everything goes exactly as I want it to. It would be something intimate which would put together all that I like : some violence, a bit of tenderness, some bursts of dirty talk and a kiss on the butt. It would be a nice sextape.

Why did you want to be a « Parfaite »?

Because I’m hot.

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