The Girl Next To Me With My Fake ID At The Bar At The Party In NYC

I never liked these guys, hanging out at parties, armed with reflex cameras. I never even liked Cobra Snake either. To me it’s like a sub-brand of Merlin Bronques. Once you tasted some Merlin, don’t bother looking for better elsewhere. It’s a little like Medhi’s pot, Sasha Grey’s deep throat. Merlin is not the halfway actor, south-american – Walt Disney mash-up kind. Le Tag doesn’t make characters up yet, we’re okay with what we got. No. Merlin is the wigged dude behind

In those times, we fapped on SFW websites, they were LOL vids and soft porn, chicks shaking their asses on Youtube, a few stripteases with or without a duckface, daddy’s sexy powerpoints we looked at as soon as the folks left home. In those times we could discreetly encounter dirty pics of this fat boobs – fat ass chick on some random site, in the computer room at school during break. The awkward discovery of wanking in a catholic school, while 200 yards away, guys would get blowjobs and that we almost ignored what « clitoris » meant.

New York > Paris © Merlin Bronques

On LNP, the highly celebrated tags are brunette/latina/amateur/voyeur/girl next door, but mostly GND. Just so you know, Merlin carries his 40 years of age, hangs out in New York City, shoots partying hot babes and put ‘em online. We’re kinda relieved that he blew it in the rap game, because now, he just shoots girls. He shoots them in public, or when no one’s looking, in clubs’ restrooms or at home, and the more naked they are the better we feel.

Laid back in front of my laptop, the true GND, that I like to call « The Girl Next To Me With My Fake ID At The Bar At The Party In NYC », gets weight, shapes and volume. The true GND is three feet away from my dick, ready to take it on. I get my shoot of modern times and in the meantime my fix of hot, thin, tanned, brunettes. They all raise their skirt for Merlin’s sake, get naked for glory, show their asses for success, and real-tv reaches its noble form at last, on the Internet. On LNP, girls are hot and they know it, they’d do anything to get shot. I follow Bronques through dozens of hotel rooms filled with hot babes ready for snuggie sessions. It blows my mind and I make of point of enjoying any one of them.

Faye Reagan, housewife © Merlin Bronques

Because he took my libido to levels never reached before, sometimes with a simple mouth or a nice ass, Merlin could have easily screwed my entire sexual life by setting a higher level than what was going on around me. LNP could have been a 0.9 shot on a Tobacco field. I nevertheless got out without a sequel from these semen-wasting sequences, please be reassured. Unfortunately, LNP is responsible for my forthcoming disappointment (yes, I can harm space-time, Le Tag has nothing to be envious of Lost) before the sadly formatted « blowjob-doggy-sodomy » porn. No kidding: dick in hand, I was shooting the world’s best POVs, neurons drowned in endomorphins, using at least 50% of my cerebral capacity. Always higher, always stronger and more real. 3D porn ? I was there before Dorcel, the chicks would erect under my fingers, and they would rant, slap and quiver. And I would ask for more, I would need more, and the movies my hand on my dick created just ran: in the restroom, against the bar, at my crib, at your crib, stomach empty or under the influence, you name it. And cries and whispers of pussy juice as the soundtrack.

In my eyes, I had sweat, stars, and girls.

Thanks Merlin.

Originally translated from this post by Constantin Berthelier.

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