June 2011: Marie


Paris – France

Your first encounter with sex?
I was about 12, my parents were away, so I checked on the internet out of curiosity. I think I looked for « sex video ». It’s only recently that I really got interested in videos though. Before that I would content myself with trailers and pictures. I would use tubes for fun.

How did you found out the Tag?
On Twitter, I saw a link and then I discovered a website which showed the human side of porno, I liked it!

Your meetings with porn?
It’s very recent as I just said, because I used to be bothered by the dirty side, the “real porn” and all that goes with it when you think about it as a neophyte. To put it in a nutshell, I had a pejorative opinion on porn. Now i’m curious to see another side of it, I find it exciting. Otherwise, I mostly look for an « objective » point of view, something close to reality.

Your favorite tags?
I like x-art, it’s smoother and more realistic than what we are used to see.

Are there any girl that marked your recent discovery?
Sasha Grey, because she has an aura, something the other actresses don’t have, it’s hard to explain. However I don’t really care about actresses, and actors are usually there as accessories.

If you had to change the soundtrack…?
Classical music, some Chopin for instance. Or something really « laid back », such as Ratatat’s “wild cat”

Photo by © Louis Canadas

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