Archives du mois dejuin 2011

Budapest: Behind the Green Curtain

Guilhem and I went away to cover a weekend organized by some offspring of Gengis Khan, nine mates our age with nine-digit numbers on their bank accounts. Not far from Budapest, lost deep in the Hungarian countryside, on the heights of a hill, stands a strange baroque manor, the scene of massive debauchery and decadence. […]

July 2011: Angélique

Born: 1988 City: Paris Your first encounter with porn? When I was 15, a friend of mine lent me a  music CD that also included a porn movie. At first I was shocked but when i thought about it later, it turned me on. It was a scene featuring Jenna Jameson. Your meetings with porn? […]

June 2011: Marie

Born: 1991 City: Paris – France Your first encounter with sex? I was about 12, my parents were away, so I checked on the internet out of curiosity. I think I looked for « sex video ». It’s only recently that I really got interested in videos though. Before that I would content myself with trailers and […]