Interview of Spock Buckton part 2: the girls

We think porn industry has changed in the five past years to reach another level: porn isn’t only something made to help daddy or a truck driver to have a dirty hand job but can also be nice movies with naturally beautiful woman and cool dude playing and having sex. It can be something you watch with your girlfriends or even your friends (boys and girls). What happened? When did it happen?
It will be speaking from a man’s point of view but here I go. When I was growing up, everyone of my age (I’m 33 years old) always had a friend in the neighborhood who had a porno channel on the TV. I didn’t have one home but we would go to my buddy Chris’s house. Every day after school, we’d go over and we’d sit there watching porno. We were 7 years old, 8 years old. This was before we even discovered that we could masturbate! We didn’t even know what it was. We sat in the couch with big erections and look at each other saying, “Hey Chris you’ve got a boner!”, “Yes I do Jessie”. Then it became so normal to everyone. We were talking earlier about how hard it still is in those days to watch porn with a woman. When I was a teenager (16 or 17 years old) I had a girlfriend… I and also had a videotape. One day I tell her “Hey baby! Why not watching this tape? Maybe we’ll get some ideas, to improve our sex life” but she was just not into it. She was also very feminist and looked at porn as something against woman. Lately, with some popular and powerful women such as Sasha Grey or Belladonna the image of porn changed: there is a lot more respect from certain women.

Do you think those actresses lend women to watch porn? I mean, when I see women watching porn, they’re not into that feministic vision. They watch the same videos as we do: “girl on girls” framed in a very masculine way and though like it…
I definitely noticed that too. The couple of girls that I have watched porn with are really into nasty stuff. And some of it even the kind of stuff where, I almost think it’s a kind of domination for a woman, but maybe there’s a little part of all of us, men and women included, that like to be treated badly sometimes.

In France we are watching that too. But we feel that what starts with Le Tag Parfait it’s writing the prehistory of modern porn. In France we have few alt porn things and some suicide girls. It looks that Internet and gonzo porn are scary to some people, to the “daddy’s porn” industries also. What’s our problem? Why can’t we do things like you do?
I don’t really know at all. But it’s similar in America too. Our porn is popular with younger kids. But older American males just don’t like it. The stuff that we sell the most of around here is really cliché. White American males still like to see a black guy fucking a white girl; they’re really into that. They don’t like tattoos, they don’t like piercings… I mean it’s popular on the Internet, for sure like suicide girls or burning angels. But as far as in DVD sells I don’t see it, Alt Porn is only bought by fans here. It’s an odd thing. I don’t know why. But it’s my favorite.

Do you think it’s always a small market?
Yeah I think it is! It’s also a market where consumers know how to get a porn for free too. They aren’t the kind of people who are gonna pay. I think alt porn fans won’t pay for porn or will find it somewhere, on megatubesite or something for free. Maybe that’s why it’s not as popular and mainstream. Why it’s not popular in France? I’ve no idea, I wish it was. It should be!

James Deen Joanna Burning Angel


France gave you Manuel Ferrara. So don’t you think it’s time for you to lend us James Deen for a while?
I think it is time! Yeah, I can talk to him about arranging that.

How can you talk to him about that?
You will see him in the next movie that we’re making, in a few weeks. I’ll walk up to him and I’ll say “James, you weren’t in France long enough, you were there for a few weeks last summer but you need to go back, they need you! They need you badly. We’ve had Manuel for so long, we’re taking this from France, and we need to make things right” If that doesn’t work, I’ll put a fake gun in my shirt and jab him. And if I need to jab him all the way to the airport, I’ll do that.

Do you think that once in Paris, he can teach French actors how to be cool? What’s your secret? We feel that French actors get bored on film sets and it’s a pain in the ass sometimes. Why do you think you act so cool?
I think the reason we seem to be cool and that we’re having fun is because we live so far away from the porn scene! We live in Philadelphia, which is 3000 miles from where we make our movies. Every time we go out there, it’s like a homecoming or a reunion: everyone is excited to see each other. We’re excited to be there, because we spent 50 hours of our week locked up in an office so when we make a movie, it’s a vacation for us. It’s also a breath of fresh air for the performers out there, because they’re working with the same people all the time, sometimes many times a week. James has a smile on his face the whole time when he’s there and me too because we’re good buddies. We have so little time to spend out there that we don’t allow ourselves many times of “do-not-have-fun”. A lot of people have told us that they love working on our movies because it’s something different and fun.

Does it get wild sometimes outside the shooting itself?
Sometimes if a girl or a guy has been sitting around, waiting to have sex for hours, they’ll just start or go after a corner and starting having sex. We actually film some of that, for the “behind the scenes” features on some of our movies. I remember one: James Deen was involved in and that’s a funny story. It wasn’t during one of the scenes but we were just waiting to shoot, and Kristina Rose decided she was gonna give him a blow job. And I came over, around James while she was down there and I said: “This is not how we do things here, we’re professional” and then he started pushing my head down and I came about this close to his penis and then Kristina took it and tried to hit me in the face! We do have videos of that.

What about Tori Black ? Do you know if she has planned to come in France? We would like to interview her, but she is so hot that we are afraid to collapse in front of her. Do you have tips for us not to faint if we meet her?
There’s an American restaurant – well, it’s a chain – called Red Robin. Not fancy places: it’s burger and fries. But Red Robin is one of Tori Black’s favorite restaurants so you should talk to her about how much you like it – even if you never been into one because I am sure that doesn’t exist in France -. So you should say: «Tori Black, I love Red Robin, I love all the crazy shits on the walls». I don’t even know how to describe the decoration of those places: it’s just a mish-mash of ridiculousness full of typical American crap. If you say that it might work out! Every time we’re out making a movie we always go to Red Robin to have lunch. She always picks one in a really hard to find place and it’s always a mystery… But I understand you could faint facing her. She is one of the most beautiful women in porn industry I mean she is just so naturally beautiful. But unfortunately she really likes black men. So maybe you get a chance with a good tan…

Tori Black is beautiful but we love Faye Raegan too. We think she has the most incredible tits. What do you think about it?
Her tits are pretty amazing. And it’s nice you know cause so many girls are fake and she is natural.

She has really puffing nipples. There’s a video on Popporn where I was lying in bed, interviewing her and she takes her top off. Her breast seems kind of engorged and it’s not just the nipple but also the areola around it. It’s… hum… like a air pump or something… Yes she probably got some of the most incredible tits ever seen. Oh wooow, now you making me think about it….

Ashli Orion Brazzers

Ashli Orion, dirty dirty dirty you

This thought seems to make you horny. Is there a new actress that titillate you this time?
Hum… Have you seen Ashli Orion ? She is fairly new. She hasn’t made that many movies. I am a big fan of real dirty talk and damned that girl can talk! Normally young girls aren’t good for that and she is really young. She can’t be more than 21 but she might be younger than that. She is very skinny and I don’t usually go for it but the way she performs blow you mind. She is very aggressive, dirty and naughty but what I like about her is that she is a songwriter too. She makes dirty dance song, there is one just call Cock where she sings about how much she loves cocks. Girls who are beautiful, creative and smart always turn me on. There are some girls in the industry that give the impression of talking with a brick wall or something like that.

Is all that girls became your friends then? Does it happen that you hang out together when the camera is off? Like « Hey Jesse, Lexi speaking. I’m with Katie and we get bored. Wanna come and drink some beers?”
Oh yeah. Absolutely! Every time we have a set; we are on our Blackberry texting to the girls to say that we are in town, to ask where will be the party… So we pretty much spend every day together and then we go out for diner and chill… I hang out a lot with James, Kristina Rose, Kimberly Kane… Some times you go to work and you realize that some girls do the job and then go home but most of them are really friendly. With Brian each Friday night we leave work and go out for a drink. We always put a warning on Twitter: « look out ladies, we’re out tonight you’re going to receive drunken messages »!

Le bon esprit !

Gonzo et son armée de filles en culotte – Propos recueillis par Valéry Marin-Barthe – Photos par Antoine Doyen

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